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    Is 3-4 28 min cardio sessions with 1-2 LISS/HITT sessions a week enough to lose weight? (Diet included)
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    (Original post by sylviarose)
    Is 3-4 28 min cardio sessions with 1-2 LISS/HITT sessions a week enough to lose weight? (Diet included)

    You only need a consistent calorie deficit to lose weight.
    Cardio burns a few calories but you have to do an awful lot to burn off any decent amounts of weight.
    You should do some resistance training to help with muscle retention and increase the ratio of fat you lose.

    It wont do you any harm, but the real weight loss comes from calorie deficit and eating less.

    You might need to have a better understanding of weight loss first, since it seems you are forgetting calories? Which makes me suspect you also see diet as just swapping crisps for rice as well. Well you can easily get obese off of paleo, easily.

    Google Scooby's accurate calorie calculator, fill in the info, if will give you your "BMR". Put your activity level as sedentary, I find it overestimates. That is typically the number of calories you need to eat to maintain your weight without gaining or losing.

    Then download MyFitnessPal and track the number of calories you eat, with closer attention on protein intake and fat intake which require you to hit certain minimums for optimum performance/health. Carb intake also affects performance but you CAN cut them out totally and not die, and tbh if you hit just the minimums for proteins and fat you likely will have an adequate amount of carbs to make up the rest of your calorie intake without going into "ketosis", which is a certain state your body goes into when you eat VERY low carbs - it can make you fatigued etc.

    NOW if you do understand calories, then cardio works just the same way. Anything is enough to lose weight if you create a deficit. ZERO minutes of cardio is enough to lose weight if you make up the deficit in the diet.

    Here's what I recommend:

    Do 50 minutes of Stairmaster on speed setting 5 every day, or 5 days a week at least, and make very mild alterations to diet. That should give you about a 500 kcal deficit per day, and you'll drop around a pound per week. You might gain muscle in your legs from the Stairmaster which could keep your weight high despite fat being lost.

    It depends how much you're eating and your muscle mass. You can't answer it without knowing the context.

    When I was weak I'd get fat easily, now I've got high muscle mass I can skill cardio for a fair while and not get fat.
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    (Original post by sylviarose)
    Is 3-4 28 min cardio sessions with 1-2 LISS/HITT sessions a week enough to lose weight? (Diet included)
    Weight loss is entirely calorie dependant, as long as you're eating less than you use in a day to day.

    I don't get what exercise you're trying to do. HITT and LISS 1-2 times a week are the exact opposite of each other....

    Thats an awesome effort! you just need to try it for a few weeks and see how it goes. As the other posts mention it depends on a lot of different factors! And don't forget to eat healthy too

    Good luck.
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