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The 'I really need to get my life together' GCSE blog Watch

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    (Original post by mez_merising)
    that last line is very true!!!
    Hahaha, I spend the majority of my English exams waffling about feminism and spewing out quotes and somehow I always manage to do okay..??😂😂
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    I honestly overworked myself during my GCSE’s but I endured and I did what I had to do and I got the job done.
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    same except i'm in sixth form doing the international baccalaureate lol. dropping by to say it doesn't get any better
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    Tuesday, 21st November
    Days until mocks: 6


    So. S’been a while. Clearly, I've got some explaining to do.

    The truth is, I'd love to say my absence was due to me pursuing my spontaneous dream of living the nomadic lifestyle so I dropped everything in search of the buffalo; or i decided that, as big eff u to Michael Gove, I'd stuff the education system and live as a full time sewer rat; or maybe the queen turned up at my doorstep and offered me a once-in-a-lifetime week long rave I simply couldn’t decline or even, perhaps more realistically, I got off the internet to study for my mocks.

    Unfortunately, all of the above isn't true.

    Here’s what I've been up to:

    Arrived home at 18:30 because of a 3-5 maths revision ‘pop and pizza’ session. No revision got done in the slightest.
    Settled to down to do my dreaded weekly maths homework (at 10pm might I add) only to have a complete MELTDOWN. Jesus, it was bad. I couldn’t do any of the questions and I couldn’t think and I couldn’t DO THE THING THE MATHSY THING EVERYONE ELSE CAN DO so I thought stuff it and went to bed. Didn’t do my chemistry homework. No revision got done in the slightest.
    Got out of the chemistry homework I didn’t do, then after school, I went to the presentation evening because I'd won an English award (wow what an achievement put that on your personal statement, Meghan). It’s safe to say no revision got done in the slightest.
    It was a Friday. ‘Nuff said. No revision got done in the slightest
    Some revision happened. Not much. But I did a bit of history. *round of applause*
    Completed most of my homework. Cheeky bit of revision, too. Not enough, though. I think we’ve all established I never do enough.
    Went to another school for English literature conference from 2 till 5, which was actually quite helpful. Had to wear business dress, though, so that was slightly mentally scarring. No revision got done in the slightest. I was actually going to update y'all yesterday, but my laptop wouldn't turn on so I thought I'd broken it. I actually read a book last night, as well, which shows my desperation in my laptop-less situation. It's all good now, though. Phew. Crisis averted.
    Had a whole day of biology today, in which we did thermoregulation, the brain, the eye (found these two really interesting; is that a career in science I smell?), a walking talking mock followed by a mini test thing, which I found relatively easy but it doesn’t count for anything so if I fail I won’t be getting kicked out the country. Did a bit of my physics homework (which is due 6th period tomorrow, might I add), then a small amount of English revision. Reconnected with my old bae Ozymandias.

    So, another productive week down. I’m wonderfully prepared for my mocks and I'm very happy with my work ethic. I’m sure I'll do great.

    Hmm. I’m only being 90% sarcastic. I’m surprisingly relaxed, almost confident about mocks at the moment. Meghan, the girl with 0 chill has broken the scale with how chill she is right now, and I just want to go back to my old neurotic self. Amid the exam stress a few months ago, I said to a friend that people who don’t care don’t know how easy they have it, and I take that back now. I’m stressed about not being stressed enough, and I just want to care, like properly 6-hour-revision-session care, but I've exhausted my mental capacity to give a damn and I'm just drained. I think I've entered that point of stress where I'm so stressed I don’t even care, and I'm REALLY regretting not revising ten years earlier for this, but there really isn’t a whole lot I can do about that right now, so I might have to resort to praying to Jesus or something.

    Cheeky little update about the ongoing A-Level crisis: it got worse. It’s bigger, it’s badder and crisis-ier than ever. Read at your own risk


    When were doing the brain in biology, I was like “hmm this is very interesting, maybe this is the next career i should pine after now medicine’s out the question” so I’m like “hmm yeah, brain, what a great idea,” because neuroscience has always been lowkey in the back of my mind. I shrugged it off, though, because I thought you needed chemistry and there’s no way I’m having that crisis again. So at lunch I risked getting a detention for whipping my phone out and found out that most unis DO want chemistry, though you can get away with not having it for some, albeit not many. At Glasgow, it states: “A-levels in Biology OR Human Biology OR Chemistry at grade B or above”, so surely you can just have one. Right..?

    But then, (because there’s always a but then, really, isn’t there?) I saw a uni that I can’t remember the name of that accepted biology and chemistry at AB, but biology and psychology/ geography at AA, which is making me think whether I should do psychology or not.

    Because I know I’ll find it at least somewhat interesting, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it (NOT saying I won’t find it hard, because I will for sure) because it’s the perfect mix of humanities and science, but I'll have to ditch english language for it.

    Maybe I’m trying to force myself into something ’useful’ because I don’t like that I want to do creative writing, but I probably just need to accept that a science career is probably not for me, academically and physically, because I’m probably not going to be doing a neuroscience degree in three years time, anyway. Let's be real here.

    Just thinking about it and looking at unis that want both bio and chem, I'm thinking that I don't wanna do this. ARGH! WHY CAN I NOT HAVE MY LIFE TOGETHER LIKE ALL MY FRIENDS?!

    I love how down-to-earth and realistic this is.
    I know the drill, you say as soon as mocks are over, no dilly dalling, will start revising everything bit by bit :rolleyes:
    I ended up pulling all nighters because I was chocka-blocked from 8 til 8 on school days and weekends were for wasting time away.
    My 2 cents, try to roughly cover/read the main bits per subjects for the mocks.
    After that, get a 'grown-up' to 'supervise', and weekly make quick 'revision notes' (yknow for last minute de-briefing before the acual exams). [Whether that grown up be a parent/teacher/sibling or even the local librarian. or even the local librarian.]
    Try to make the revision 'fun' and silly (as silly is easier to remember)
    and set times for h/w fgs. Do the h/w on the set date, no excuses. Not the day before its due. Hopefully, after mocks it should be fairly revision based anyway.

    Good luck, you can do this. If I managed... anyone can. Honestly.
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    Thursday, 23rd November 2017
    Days until mocks: 4

    Yesterday, was somewhat productive, believe it or not. I did a French listening paper, then did quite a large chunk of poetry revision, in which I managed to come up with some original, uh... analysises..?(@AllThePeopleWhoKn ewThePluralOfCrisis what's the plural of analysis?!) without the use of Mr Bruff. Don't get me wrong, I love Mr Bruff and I should probably get a tattoo of his face as thanks for his English language videos, but I always feel a little bit bad in the exam using his points and getting good marks for them, so it feels good to have some of my own to throw in there. I'm praying either Ozymandias or War Photographer comes up.

    Today was parents evening which went pretty well, even if I established that I'm talkative and easily distracted. My geography teacher asked me how the geography revision was going, so I gave her my most passionate smile and said it was going brilliantly. Which, it would be, had I actually done any revision. My combined geography 1&2 paper is on Monday (and it's 2 hours and 15 fricking minutes long), but I'm quite chill. Out of all of my subjects, save maybe English and French, geography seems to have stuck in my head pretty well. I'm going to revise this weekend, but I think I'll be alright.
    She says, getting a grade three.
    But, arguably more importantly, I have my french speaking mock tomorrow. My name's last in the register and our class is the last class to do theirs, so I think I'll be one of the last to do it. All my friends have done theirs and I just want it OVER with. I picked topic 3 (school) for my general conversation like I did at the end of year ten and I've been flicking through the flashcards I used then so I'm pretty prepared, I guess.

    This evening, I went over some questions I could potentially get asked (what is your favourite subject? what would your ideal school look like? etc) and brushed up on my tenses, specifically the future and conditional. I've got my auraits and auras in check now, so I'm hoping I won't fluff it up too much tomorrow. I can barely talk to my own friends without feeling anxious, so who knows what might happen when I'm talking to a scary adult.

    Pretty sure that's it from me today. I need to tidy my room, and I might try and pick up memrise and duolingo again. Scratch that- I will pick up memrise and duolingo again. I've been far too lazy recently.
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