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    (Original post by gfdhdfghdfgh)
    1. The human body is not well equipped to deal with eating or digesting meat – our teeth are the wrong type,
    So why do humans have teeth designed for catching and eating meat?

    Humans are omnivores, and have teeth suited to that diet.

    Also, we are not "well equopped" for walking on two legs. I assume tehrefore that yo go around on all fours?
    Whyever not?

    Furthermore, we lack the natural tools for killing and eating prey – we lack the requisite speed, agility, claws and teeth for taking down any prey of sufficient size to be useful
    And yet, we are the species most efficient at procuring dietary meat.
    Are you seriously claiming that we should only do those things that our physiology is suited for?

    2. Even disregarding all the physiological evidence, we evidently DO NOT NEED
    OK. So you believe that we should only do those things that WE NEED to do.
    I'd love to do a "NEED" audit on your lifestyle.

    3. Even disregarding the first two points, a vegan diet is more sustainable and less demanding on the environment than a meat-and/or-dairy based diet,
    Excellent! So you only undertake activities that are "environmentally sustainable". If only everone could be like you!

    4. Capacity for suffering –
    Again, good for you. You do not inflict any unnecessary suffering on your fellow animals (other than the "holier than thou" vegan diatribes)

    5. Because of our huge and capricious brains, and our “refined sense of morality”, we can CHOOSE
    Some people make choices that you don't agree with.
    Boo ****ing hoo.

    (Original post by gfdhdfghdfgh)
    In fact there is mounting empirical medical evidence that a plant-based diet is far more healthy than anything containing animal products.
    No, there are lots of correlation studies where a survey of whatever kind will look at a vegetarian or vegan group and a meat eater group for some health related factor.

    Vegetarians and vegans are generally more health conscious - if you're prepared to make that change in your diet then you're probably disciplined and pay attention to your health. The meat eater group, on the other hand, includes health conscious meat eaters who eat moderate amounts of meat and exercise regularly as well as those who really don't care. You're comparing a health conscious group to the average person, so of course there's going to be a difference.

    Vegetarianism also forces you to eat more vegetables because it's all you can eat. And it automatically cuts out a lot of unhealthy crap that isn't vegetarian suitable - but you can achieve both of those things on a diet that includes meat.

    It's a case of correlation not necessarily meaning a causal link. I'm yet to be convinced that vegetarian and vegan diets are inherently any healthier than diets that include meat.
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    Oh piss off you old bore.

    I'd rather eat my chicken nuggets than read all of that, thanks.
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