Disabled Students: Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the Disabled Students section FAQ.
Here's some answers to some common questions you might have as a disabled student at university.

I'm worried about moving into student accommodation with a disability, should I tell my flatmates?
This is completely up to you whether you are comfortable telling people. It could be that your condition causes medical emergencies so that telling someone can help you to feel much safer and get help if you need it.
If you decide not to tell them, there are a few steps you could do to make sure you feel safer:
- inform the warden of your halls. This should also be done if your condition makes it harder for you to evacuate during fires and they can fill in a Personal evacuation form so you and the accommodation staff know how to help you in that situation. If it does, it is also a good idea to inform the accommodation office as they will endeavour to allocate a room which is easy to evacuate.
- if you don’t want to tell your hallmates, consider wearing a medicalert bracelet. These are available in jewellers, and medical staff are trained to look for them. They look like ordinary jewellery unless closely inspected so people won’t know what it is you are wearing.

What should I do about the medications I need to take?
When moving to university it's important to remember that it can take time to get set up with new a new GP near your university city so make sure you've plenty of medicine to keep you going when you move.

I think I may have a disability, is it worth declaring?
Yes, Universities have to make reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities under the Equality Act 2010. By telling the university, it allows you to access a vast network of potential support. Every university has a student support team to help students with disabilities so don't be afraid to access everything they have to offer.

I think I might have a disability and I m about to start university, what should I do?
Go and speak to your student support team, they should be able to direct you to an appropriate service for you to get assessed, in the case of learning difficulties like dyslexia they will be able to arrange assessments for you.

Will My Disability Have An Impact On being able to study certain courses?

This is of course down to the particular course/employment opportunity and your disability. Some professions have a fitness to practice requirment, others have medical restrictions. If you are at all unsure the best thing to do is to contact the Professional Body for your chosen profession. They will be able to tell you if you would be eligible, and what sorts of adjustments you could reasonably expect under the Equality Act 2010.

Will I be eligible for any benefits as a disabled student at university?
Students normally aren't eligible for benefits at university, however students who get DLA or PIP are exempt from this rule. You could be eligible for contributory ESA if you have previously worked and paid NI or income related ESA whilst you are getting DLA or PIP.
However, income related ESA will take into account some of your loan and grants so your entitlement could be reduced and if you are studying a course that shows your disability doesn't affect you enough to make you incapable for work that can affect your eligibility.
You can also be eligible for housing benefits if you receive DLA or PIP or if you are registered blind or deaf.

Is there other funding available as a disabled student?
You might be eligible for DSA (see FAQ here).
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