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Glass half full? Or half empty? watch

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    Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
    What if the glass is actually always full - half of air , half of water?
    We never discuss the size or contents of this glass. The nature of pessimists and optimists varies on a flexible scale so the this simple yet known by some "effective" method of determining a person's view on opti/pessimism really depends on a whole load of factors.
    The mind in complex don't you think?
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    I dont consider myself a negative person, more of a realist, but compared to the masses that really is a negative state of mind to be in

    It doesn't matter whether it's regarded as half empty or half full. Very soon, no matter how fresh the milk, it's either going off or it's going to be
    consumed. So, it's destiny is to be empty. Even if that glass gets filled up several times a day, even if it gets a new owner, it will eventually be
    empty. Unless it's been smashed first.

    Past a certain age, only stupid, nasty or cycnical people are optimists as they have less to lose, more to gain, from clever,
    kind or naive people.
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    the sentence took me a while to get my head around ngl

    Mm.....I am a pessimist because I have never had a great deal of money to waste or speculate with . I grew up on state benefits after my step dad died when I was a kid . I therefore soon realised that it was essential to make do and mend . I have always adopted this lifestyle and so far it has served me well . I would urge anyone to appreciate and embrace frugality as it is far more rewarding than gambling your future away on an optimistic failed venture .
    Never spend more than what's in your pocket and always remember that spending money doesn't buy you happiness . All it does is make you poorer .
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    I tend to be a realist, with optimistic tendencies
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