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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I couldnt be bothered to check.
    But I'll jump right in.

    I hadnt been to University for 2 Years. I had completed my first 2 years and then took time off due to worsening mental health, I was meant to do a placement last year but in January 2017 I had a breakdown which resulted in me being holed up in the house because I was paranoid and being out side ended up giving me panic attacks.

    Anyway things happened, I contacted university finally, and they gave me a few options on what to do. As this year would be my last year of funding I decided to stick to my plan of coming back for my final year, with the promise of getting support.

    I filled out all the forms and gave in all the evidence, did the assessment and got the DSA letter a week into university. I was told to contact my University for Mentoring, I was quite stressed in handling first few weeks of university plus organising and calling up and following up on DSA suppliers. Finally I managed it and had my first session, BUT on that day I got email saying my supplier for mentoring had changed to Ranstad. I started to get anxious and on edge I hoped was a mistake, but to feel less anxious I checked their website and looked for reviews. They had no office in my uni city (Nottingham) and the review that I type thing I found (actually from here) was just saying how they were terrible and had made the persons mental health worse. DSA didnt tell me at all why they changed suppliers other then they received 'additional recommendations'.

    I still went to my first meeting with my mentor from University, and told her about it, she said she'd call them up as the university hadn't been informed. I was really dreading about having to go through the process of contacting people again (I get anxious with new people and stress really easily) Not only that I didn't really think Ranstad was the best option for me in my final year of study, my university mentor had obviously a lot of access to my university and also had already met my teachers plus I had met them.

    DSA kept sending me letters with changes on them (the next one was a price change) and my uni mentor said their wasnt much she could do as Ranstad were now in charge of my mentoring. These news basically kept sending me into panic attacks and my mental health rapidly deteriorated, I started to feel sick and dizzy at random times and couldn't attend class and missed my assignment deadlines. I did write DSA a letter back with the help of a friend, stating the affect it was having on me and just generally complaining. Saying how bad of an idea it was to change my mentor after I had contacted the them.

    My uni mentor tried contacted Ranstad but they didnt pick up. I got an email back from DSA saying the reason they changed was because of the price of the sessions. DSA got the price wrong and then Ranstad offered an even lower price, and if I wanted to go with University I would have to persuade them to do sessions for the new price.

    I've pretty much given up on it all. I'm not gonna bother with getting a mentor because everytime I get an email from DSA or even think about this situation it fills me with absolute dread and I get so upset I cry(I'm crying right now). I just dont know how long I will last because my mental health gets much worse in December/January time due trauma.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Or have any advice?

    Thank you,

    tl;dr DSA changed my supplier cos they wanted to save money AFTER I had contacted the original supplier. Im sad and feel like **** and cba anymore. pls help

    It sounds like your funding body's DSA section made a mistake on your first letter, in quoting the university as the supplier, or maybe there was incorrect information given in your needs report and they didn't know about it until it was too late. I imagine the hourly rate was over that which the government says they can pay and this is why they had to correct it, but there could be loads of reasons.

    If your university won't match the hourly rate quoted by Randstad to provide the support recommended for you (have you asked them?), would you be prepared to pay the difference yourself, assuming this is a possibility. I think you'd need to contact your funding body's DSA section to see if this is permitted in the first instance, though.

    Other than that, I can only suggest that you contact your study needs assessor to see if they have any other advice.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having these problems. Please don't give up, though.
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