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    In 2012 tesco submitted planning permission for a 642 square metre metro supermarket on the former esso service station is a place. Development involved construction of nine flats and spaces for cars. Protest group raised obections. They said the store was too large for the site mainly because there would be too much traffic and inadequate parking space. tHEY also said the store would not meet the councils target for sustainability

    Discuss whether you think that planning permission should be given frthe development of the metro superarket


    Hey there I'm doing AS Economics and, having done GCSE Economics too, I think I'll be able to give you a decent answer

    For (granting planning permission)
    -The building of the Tesco store, car park and flats will mean construction workers will be hired, thus increasing employment in the local economy This would mean that these workers will spend their incomes in the local economy, raising aggregate demand, thus leading to a multiplier effect. With increased output in the local economy, material living standards will be likely to improve

    -Increased competition will drive down prices of goods sold by all metro supermarkets/shops in that area, meaning consumers will benefit from lower prices and also a wider variety of goods, as competing firms try to attract customers from rival firms.

    -The building of flats will offer accommodation for locals/workers at the metro supermarket, helping to reduce housing shortages in the local area.

    Against (granting planning permission)
    -During the construction of the Tesco metro supermarket, flats and car spaces, there will be lots of construction machinery on-site, creating noise pollution for local residents. This may create anger among locals as their day to day business may also be disrupted by traffic jams created by a flurry of diggers, lorries etc. coming in and out of the site.

    -Will lead to a loss of skilled jobs with high human capital, in the local area. For example a local butchers shop may go out of business due to fierce competition from the new Tesco store offering meats and poultry. The loss of such skilled jobs will harm the local community as these vital skills for economic growth will now be gone

    -Not sustainable as it will attract a lot more drivers to the area than beforehand, causing increased congestion and lower air quality due to an increase in the volume of cars coming in and out of the local area

    -Locals may complain that the proposed Tesco metro supermarket will be an eyesore and that it will destroy the natural heritage of the local area.

    In conclusion I think that the council should not grant permission to build the metro supermarket because although it may lead to higher economic growth (due to higher employment-created by need for shop assistants), there will be an array of negative externalities such as increased traffic which will make commuting for workers very difficult and frustrating.
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Updated: November 1, 2017

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