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    How many moles of S2O3^2- ions are required for titration, mol?

    Brand: Bleach 101

    Cost of commercial bleach solution per gallon: $1.79

    Density of commercial bleaching solution, g mL ^1- : 1.10 g/mL
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~...
    Molarity of Na2S2O3, M=0.100mL
    Volume of diluted bleaching solution titrated, mL: 25.00
    Final Buret reading mL: 14.5
    Initial Buret reading mL: 0.2
    Volume of Na2S2O3 solution used: 14.3

    Number of moles of S2O3^2- : ????

    0.100 mol/L x ____L x 1/1
    M Na2S2O3 x Vx 1 molS2O3^2-/1mol Na2S2O3
    (Guessing these are same calculations?)

    Thanks to those who help. I cannot solve the rest unless I have this equation figured out I originally gotten 0.0014 but my lab partner tells me that it's 0.572 but that doesn't seem to follow the equation.
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Updated: October 30, 2017
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