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Which suits me better: contact lenses or glasses (pictures) watch

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    (Original post by Uni Kid)
    Interesting! My fashion sense is very weak, any personal suggestions as to what sort of pair would suit the shape of my face?
    Where I get mine they take photos so you can see what you look like. They also give advice on colour and shape of frame.

    I think the half-frames aren't great on you and the shape is a bit 'square' for your face.

    (Original post by Uni Kid)
    True, I could try this. I've worn lots of different pairs over the years am happy with these as I don't like glasses that make bold statements, as I'm a little shy like that. But different shaped glasses might work better. Trouble is I'm useless at fashion sense but I could ask someone who isn't! Have you ever thought about contacts or laser eye surgery?
    PS: thanks for the detailed response BTW! 🙂
    Maybe try more rounded metal frames for a more subtle look. There's loads out there to help you on the internet!. :lol: . You could try something like Glassesdirect.com where you can try different pairs out and see what ones fit best, or even virtual try ons so you can see what kind of frames suit your face shape.
    I have contacts that I wear on special occasions but other than that I wear glasses. Also, I find laser eye surgery kinda scary so I'll leave that for when I'm older. :rofl:
    You're welcome and good luck! :hat2:
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