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    So I’m applying for a position in a fairly large company and I got my CV and Cover Letter checked by a few people. I got them checked by a career advisor at uni who said:

    - completely change the layout of my cv (I got this checked by 3 other people who said it was fine, 1 of them was an employer and he said he really liked it as it was a nice change considering how much CV’s he reads all in the same format

    - make my cv from 2 pages to 1 by reducing the info. I’ve done a lot of programmes at uni to show my skills like working in teams projects etc all to make myself stand out as a candidate I can’t leave these. The other people I showed it to said max should be 2 pages and the extra stuff I’ve done are good as they’ll put me ahead

    - change my Cover Letter entirely. I’ve shown this to other people including someone who works in a top position in law and went through tons of application processes to get where he is and has an idea of how to stand out and he said it was fine. I also showed it to someone who works at said company and has helped people in the past with applications and she said it was one of the best she’s ever seen

    I feel like advisor didn’t really read much into my stuff and just wanted my cv to be his way rather than a little more clearer and concise the way it is now. With the Cover Letter he was telling me add stuff but I’d added them later in another para and it feels like he didnt really read it or look at it beforehand.

    I want to ask : should I change everything as per the career advisor or leave it as it is? The deadline is soon and I may not get another appointment with careers in time so don’t want to risk changing it and it not flowing and ending up a mess. Plus people who work there have had a look and say it’s great so I’m a little conflicted

    I've always been told 2 pages max, 2 pages min. 1 page would give you half as much space to sell yourself compared to the other candidates. Doesn't sound like this advisor is any good.
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    Employers and people who actually work in the company your applying for know what they want to see. Personally would ignore anything the uni career advisor said.
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    It is up to you whether to change your CV or not. You don't have to listen to the careers advisor's suggestions 100%. In my opinion, I think getting positive feedback from employers and current workers in the company shows that you are doing something right, and I would be more inclined to follow their advice.
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