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How can I cope with having no friends? watch


    (Original post by awkwardshortguy)
    That's the game I was thinking of. Well I am only level 123 with 107 hours played so perhaps you could still be right that it's easy to make a lot of friends there even as a guy.
    Play in USA server if you don't lag. They are more vocal there compare to Europe.
    Eu server is so boring lol
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    TSR Group Staff
    Firstly, just look at the number of posters in this thread to realise YOU ARE NOT ALONE! While we may not be 'friends' as such, there's a community of people here on TSR you can reach out to any time :-)

    Secondly, shyness isn't a problem in itself (who wants a world of just loud, brash people? 'Shy' isn't wrong, it's just different) but what can be an issue and hold you back in life is low self-esteem. So the question is less "how do I become less shy?" and more "how do we go about building self-confidence?"

    Well, from my experience it's about gobbling up life experiences as bravely and ambitiously as possible. When I was a sixth-former I was soooo awkward. I was quite a 'young' teenager if you know what I mean - no life skills - and I just wish I could go back and give myself some advice... "put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone, join the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, do a language exchange programme, join air cadets... anything to pick up more independence and life skills!". Oh, and I'd tell myself "take a gap year and do sth adventurous before going to Uni!". All of these things not only give you more strings to your bow, not only give you more self-pride and confidence but they also have the bonus of introducing you to loads of people you wouldn't have otherwise met, and who knows, some of those people might just become friends! So, tell me/us... what things might you be keen to do that would take you outside of your comfort zone and introduce to new people? :-) Tim

    I'm pretty much in the same situation due to being really anxious around people and I only have a few friends because of that. But yeah, I would try to make Internet friends first like others suggest because it is a LOT easier. Personally, I would recommend google+ (yeah, ppl use it) because it has a good amount of people with different tastes and the easier to communicate with others compared to places like twitter or tumblr. Simply because it's easy to find posts due to communities.
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