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Is she interested or just an open person? watch

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    This question might be more for the ladies in this forum but any help will be appreciated. And this might be a bit long so bare with me haha

    So it's been two years since my last relationship and I haven't liked anyone since. Until now. I met this girl, about 2 weeks into my Masters, and since then we've been studying together all the time. Most of the time its just the two of us and we have a nice atmosphere going, having laughs together and chatting during study breaks etc. We also message a little outside of our classes and study sessions and those seem to be going well too.

    So, a few days ago, I decided to ask her out to watch a movie (I didn't explicitly say it was a date but I kind of implied it would just be the two of us). Her reply was that she had something on her calendar that night, so she was going to check, and that if Friday doesn't work then she would be happy to go watch a horror movie any time (we are both horror fans and I invited her to watch a horror). So I wasn't sure what to think of this - any comments?
    Anyway, it turns out she promised a friend that she would go out so this movie plan didn't work out. But on that night, I decided to walk her to her friends place for her night out. Nothing much happened just casual chatting. Then I dropped her off, said hi to her friend and went home.

    A day after, we were studying in the morning (yes we study alot xD), and she suggested to get lunch together, I took her to this place (which was cheap...1 year ago) but it turned out more expensive than we both wanted for a lunch. So, I asked if she wanted to come to my place since it was nearby. She agreed. If this was a romance novel this next bit might be a disappointing but nothing happened :P Just a casual lunch at my place and we chatted until she had to go. I walked her part way home and then she turned around and gave me a hug and said she would like to do that again (the lunch), then left.

    Last night, we spoke for a couple hours on Facebook, she asked if I was an anime fan and then we discussed and found out that we had the same taste in anime. Then she asked that next time when we have lunch at mine if I would like to watch some with her (of course I said yes)

    Now fast forward to today. I decided to ask her to hang out (but I think my timing was really bad) but she said that she was busy, but she would like to do lunch and watch anime or horror film soon.

    Part of me wants to think that she's interested in me, but another part of me is doubting it (maybe because I haven't liked anyone in such a long time). But one reason why I have doubts is that we have quite different life styles, we may have similar interests in some parts (like anime and horror films) but at the same time, our music tastes are completely different (she's into metal and I'm into ballads). Not only that but I can't drink alcohol due to health reasons but she drinks a lot and although she doesn't go clubbing she goes to a lot of drinking events (which I've really been keen to go to since I'm quite introverted and being the only sober person, I just never fit in).

    Normally its her that initiates these study sessions, and they generally happen in the evening after class.
    Not sure if this will be relevant but she is 5 years older than I am.

    Any help or comments on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Chill it's only been 2 weeks. She may be interested in you but I don't think you should jump so quickly to questions like 'does she like me?' just yet. Maybe she's interested in making a very good friend. You should wait out a bit and bond together more then you'll be able to tell soon
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