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why am i always so tired? watch


    vitamin d deficiency
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    (Original post by k0zaf)
    This actually needs to stop every time i come back from school im so tired i just fall onto the couch for like half an hour and when im suppose to revise i acc dont i just come on here this needs to stop ASAP because im in year 11 now and i need to revise for my exams in May/June.How do i stop becoming so tired??HELP!!
    A few things:

    Get enough sleep- teens need at least 9 hours each night ideally. It's more than for adults because your body is doing a lot of work with growing and everything. That uses up energy which you need to replace with sleep.
    Make sure you're eating and drinking right- get enough to drink, don't have too much "unhealthy foods", make sure you're eating enough and getting all the nutrients you need.
    Take care of yourself mentally- stress is very tiring so make sure you're giving yourself enough time to relax and aren't too stressed. Education is important, but so is your health.
    Get quality sleep- there are different levels of sleep and you want to be getting the good stuff. Keep your room dark, minimise any distractions like noises, wind down before bed so you can get to sleep quicker.
    Get some exercise- Just enough to get your blood pumping a little and give yo some fresh air. Something like a short walk in the evening would be fine.
    Eat and drink after you wake up- something like a glass of juice and some cereal. It should give you some extra energy that you'll need to help you feel more awake. If you don't have time before school, you can just grab a cereal bar or something.
    See your doctor- you may have a health problem like a vitamin deficiency that is making you run down. A simple blood test can rule that out. They can also help by giving you advice.

    Hope that helps

    Visit your doctor and ask for a blood test first. You could be deficient in something, in which case you would be able to take supplements.
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