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Working 4 days and going college 3 days watch

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    Hello I work for 4 days 8-9 hours and then college for 3 days so I have no days off idk if I can get all my coursework done I was wondering if anyone else was in my situation and how they managed to focus on doing the course work while being very tired I am on my feet all day walking around the store my legs are killing me ;(
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    If you can, are you able to cut down your work hours? If you are falling behind with college work regularly, it may be something to consider.

    I go to college 9am to 9pm two days a week and I work 38 hours a week too. It's possible but you will be tired and have no social life. My course is also coursework based I.e lectures at college then assignments at home. There are no exams so we have to put our all into the assignments.

    It's all about time management. I work shifts so no two days have the same hours. because of this I plan at the beginning of the week exactly when I will be studying and when I'm at work. Make a timetable and stick to it, also get up at the same time everyday so your biological clock adjusts itself; after 3 weeks of this you won't be as tired, even if you have just finished work. I get up at 7am everyday and go to bed at 12am. it was hard at first but now I don't even need to set alarms.
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    Lower your working hours. It's not good for your mental or physical health, you will get worn down. Trust me, I ended up suffering last year when I did a similar thing in year 11 and I ended up in counseling (which was awful) so please, take care of yourself, it'll lower your grades and your happiness levels. Message me if you need any advice
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