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VA204 - MP Seat Changes Amendment 2017 watch

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    A204 – MP Seat Changes Amendment 2017 (Second Reading)
    Proposed by: Rt Hon Saracen's Fez MP (Lab)
    Seconded by: Rt Hon TheDefiniteArticle MP (Lab), Hon bubs051213 MP (Lab), Hon Kalail MP (Lab), Hon LifeIsFine MP (Lib), Rt Hon wolfmoon88 MP (Lab)

    This House would amend the Guidance Document as follows:

    Remove the following from the section 'MP Seat Allocation':

    4) MPs are not allowed to switch from one seat number to another seat number unless;
    a. a period of four weeks has passed
    b. the member is a proxy MP who has not been an MP for more than four consecutive weeks before becoming a proxy MP, unless a period of four weeks has passed since last serving as an MP for four consecutive weeks. For the purposes of this bill the election period does not count towards those four weeks of not being an MP.

    and replace it with the following:

    4) No user may transfer from being the permanent MP for one seat number to being the permanent MP for another seat number in a single day (= time between two daily updates).
    5) No seat may undergo more than one change of permanent occupant in a single day (= time between two daily updates).

    Changes for Second Reading
    Instead of removing the section entirely, the second reading proposes to institute a much less strict set of restrictions, namely that an MP may not swap from one seat to another on the same day. This is further clarified in stating that in practice an MP may not receive the update on one day as the MP for one seat and then receive the update on the following day as the MP for a different seat. This would continue to prohibit straight seat swaps done solely for turnout reasons but not ban other changes, which are more likely to be for legitimate reasons.
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    Community Assistant
    That moment when you can't remember what opinion you gave on this the first time....

    The Ayes to the right, 24.
    The Noes to the left, 9.
    Abstentions, 10.

    I think the Ayes have it! The Ayes have it! Unlock!!
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