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    (Original post by OrangeArcher)
    I haven't found the jump from GCSE biology to A-level biology to be too hard (it probably will get harder over time though) but I love biology so maybe that's why... For my GCSE results I got:
    Biology- A*
    Chemistry- A*
    Physics- A
    Maths- 7
    Further maths- B
    English language- 7
    English literature- 8
    Art- A*
    Ict- A
    Geography- A
    RE- A
    French- C (so happy I passed)
    Do you have any revision tips for science, geography and maths?
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    Revisions videos+notes are a great way to revise imo. U need to work hard if u want to do well in the sciences. U should also use ur textbook and specification to make sure you’ve covered everything(including the required practicals u need to learn). After you’ve learned all of the content in depth, start doing past paper questions. I got A* in core science(yr 10) A* in bio,A* in chem, A in physics.
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    (Original post by esha.i)
    If you have done your GCSE’s please leave revision tips for Science, maths, french and geography and also tell me what grades you got for your gcses!
    Okay so I did my GCSEs in 2017, I’m just a year older than you. I did and got:

    Maths - 9
    English Lang - 8
    English Lit - 8
    Biology - A*
    Chemistry - A*
    Physics - A*
    Geography - A*
    Graphics - A*
    Further Maths - A* (grrr)
    Spanish - A (2 marks off an A*😭)
    Art - A
    Rs Short course - A

    So with science, easy, use a cgp guide and memorise the content if you have to; there’s not much understanding required with GCSE science. However have a go at some past papers just to get used to the format and also have a look at common questions and they’re typical answers - this can also be a great way to learn. Again with maths, all I really did was use the cgp guide as I took in most of the content during lessons. Again past papers here really helps. I didn’t do French but I did do Spanish - just revise as much vocabulary as you physically can; I didn’t revise at all and therefore my vocab was sh*t so I missed the top mark. With geography, learn the structures of the longer questions and make sure you know your case studies. With everything, MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION IN LESSONS!! I know so many clever people (I go to a grammar school) that messed around in lessons and did horrendously in their GCSEs. But remember this, GCSEs are easy compared to A levels😅 consider it a blessing that you only have GCSEs coming up. One last tip, make a timetable to manage your time effectively; plan out what you are gonna do with your time studying specifically - say with maths, tomorrow I am going to revise circle theorems - stuff like this where you know what you are gonna do. Good luck!!!
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    yeah probably

    Good luck on your exams! When I had to do the new maths and English exams I was stressed I cannot imagine what it is like for you as you’re doing all the new hard exams !! Some of the science stuff is from a levels I found when going through my sisters work.

    And plus, you guys are going to find the so called jump from gcse to a level soo small like its non existent. Eg. If you do chemistry at a level you can basically skip like the first 30 pages for ocr a as it’s mostly mole calculations which you’re doing for gcse.
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    (Original post by esha.i)
    If you have done your GCSE’s please leave revision tips for Science, maths, french and geography and also tell me what grades you got for your gcses!
    At GCSE (2 years ago) I got:
    6A* - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics, English Language and History

    2A - English Literature and Maths

    1C - Art

    I revised for maths by doing tons of past papers and watching videos on how to do certain thins I struggled with. I hated maths and found it difficult however doing past papers and marking them was the most effective thing for me.

    As for the sciences I flash carded everything! Every topic I had flashcards for and its really helped key bits stick in my head. I also made a mind map for every topic too but only one page per topic to make sure I only got the important bits.

    In general for all of my subjects I found past papers were very useful!

    Okay so for my GCSEs I got 10A*s and 1A (the A is in Spanish) - so the A*s include maths, triple science and geography.

    For geography: I used the official revision guides and combined it with my school books to make notes - these were colourful poster type things with diagrams when necessary e.g. Tectonic plates. My teacher also made us model answers which helped a lot - if you can get something like these it would be great but if not, the best advice for geography would be to know how to structure you questions e.g. For a 4 marker, give two points and explain in detail.

    Maths: maths was awful. I ended up runnng out of time with 4 blank pages left to go . Anyway I would definitely recommend doing as much past papers as you can (even the old spec stuff because maths is maths) - this is something I didn't do which made exam time so much more stressful.

    Science: again for science I used the official revision which were really helpful. I combined these with online videos (my GCSE science) and BBC bite size to make notes. Then I basically did the past papers so much times that I had memorised large parts of them by exam time. Science requires exam technique so you need to use the correct words and how to structure questions (you learn this from doing past papers repeatedly). Also I know that for your new spec you have core practicals (I assume this is similar to the new A Levels that I sat) so make sure you definitely know your practicals and what the different variables are as these do come up.

    (Original post by esha.i)
    If you have done your GCSE’s please leave revision tips for Science, maths, french and geography and also tell me what grades you got for your gcses!
    8A* (maths, chem, physics, latin, history, DT, english lang & lit ) 2A (greek & biology)

    maths- basically do as many past papers as you can lay your hands on. I know the course has changed for you guys (I'm year 13), but even the old spec ones will be very helpful as a lot of the content will be similar.

    science- make notes from the textbook. Know and UNDERSTAND the textbook inside out, a lot of the questions in exams are based on it. It's a valuable resource you don't get at A level nearly as much

    I'd also say, making notes and quizzing yourself is infinitely superior to simply reading. I like to make notes from the text book and then make quiz flashcards based on those notes; I found that really helped.

    If you don't understand something, GO AND ASK YOUR TEACHER. If I had done this with this one small topic in bio, I would have got an A*. I was revising, didn't understand something, thought 'oh well it probably won't come up'... it was the 6 marker. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!

    best of luck xx
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