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    so here i am after a night out sharing my feelings, ive agreed to live with 3rd year even though id be in second year then changed my course so im first. I dont know these people and i dont know what to do. Its been a month im social but its to hard. first of all they dont clean up after themselves but okay they organised ahouse party (5 people i live with that know each other) and i was like okay. they came back and made noise for 4 hours 2-6 , i thoiught okay. But anytime i invite friends they make a deal of taking all the living space laying down so i cant organuse pres. Anyone that comes feel uncomfortsble just like me. I dont know what to do today i tried having pres which ended up in my room because they didnt want to move and i felt awakrd. I got home one flatmate came down looked at me like i was a fragment of dissaointing air left to go up the next came down telling me off for smelling burnt stuff i said i burnt nan bread but threw it away and sorted it, evenm though their dirty dishes have been in the sink for two weeks. i went to pee to come out with deodrant sprayed in my face and them running away. I KNOW im an adult and should deal with everythuing but honestly i cant like i lied to the agency that i lknew these people ( 3 girls 3lads) because one asked me to and i like to be liked the girl that arranged for me to have this room is the one that most treats me like air i feel like i cant live th year like this i honestly would rather pay rent here and commute over two hours everyday, please advice me

    Is there anyway you can resolve things with your flatmates? Have you tried to make an effort with them, or talked to them about how you feel?

    If you are really unhappy, you could try to find someone else to take over your contract. The alternative is to stick it out for the year - you don't have to best friends with them but remain civil and polite to them. After that, find a place with people that you do like.

    Assuming you've tried to make friends with your flatmates then I would try and brush it off. Just go to other epople's houses for pre drinks. Stay in your room when you're home. Join societies to get you out of the house. And try not to think about them.
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