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hey guys, so im in the process of applying to uni now and am really bogged down with whether i should take sociology / psychology / philosophy.. Im really interested in them all and quite equally so - except im a bit worried if psychology will require more aspects of science and math which i'm not so great in and don't take for A levels either (i am taking A levels english literature, history and business at the moment). would really help if any of you could give me advice or perhaps a suggestion from experience or anything really! thanks so much )
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I am in upper sixth at the moment and have applied to study philosophy, and I have friends who have applied for psychology and sociology. I believe that you can take two of these as a joint degree if that is something you are interested in.

Anyway, I study philosophy at the moment and I would be happy to give you a quick overview. It is split into three main areas: ethics, which looks at morality, what is good, how do we know what actions are good etc.; epistemology, which is the theory of knowledge, how do we know what we know, what is truth etc.; and lastly metaphysics, which is looking at reality, how many aspects are there to reality, how do we know the physical world exists, do we have a souls etc.

I can recommend a few books, a Very Short Introduction to Philosophy and Sophie's world give a an overview/history of philosophy as a subject. One book that raises ethical issues that I enjoyed reading is The Universe versus Alex Woods.

With psychology the science aspect I presume would depend on whether you applied to BSc or BA courses, but from friends who have studied psychology it is quite maths-y.

Studying philosophy at the moment, I do draw on area of sociology and psychology for my essays, if this is of any help!

I would be happy to answer any other questions, or if you want to tell me more I can give you more detailed suggestions. Also I still have the list of recommended books to read before I started my Pre U philosophy course so if you would like any more book recommendations feels free to ask
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Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind, which includes conscious and unconscious phenomena that concerns understanding and studying the human brain. Mostly Psychology is studied by people who want to become a doctor in this field and are interested in learning about the human mind and its various functions.

A big part of psychology is related to observing and studying behaviour of people, and why someone does what they do but in a scientific manner. What nerves and things can trigger a certain reaction from you.


Philosophy, on the other hand, is an academic discipline, where in the philosophist will try and search the meaning behind more unclear and intellectual concepts like reality, existence, the world around us, the purpose of a person on this earth. Suppose a person from your group who always says, ‘what is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?’ even if not entirely being a philosophist, but is addressing the topic of philosophy or when you start getting unbearable quotes about love and relationships from friends, just know you are experiencing philosophy


Sociology is related to the society around us, how it functions, how it has developed from the early ages to current age.
In sociology one talks about the social problems and issues we are having right now. So those evening tea break discussions you have with your friend, family or at the office, insulting the country and how high the crime rate is, safety of woman or any other number of topics, well, you are talking about sociology only.


Psychology : Individual related

Philosophy : Academic field and can include the entire universe and any amount of abstract notion.

Sociology : Is all about the society and civil life around us

Now decide yourself which is better for your

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