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    I would like some advice about my current situation in a group project.

    The project is in itself a standalone module worth 20 credits and is split across 2/2 terms in my second year at uni. There are 8 members including myself. No lectures are given. We have been assigned to build a game (java) with some criteria (mostly free to go in any direction)

    So. Our first deadline is in 7 days. We have already used a month. We are expected to have a working hack. Almost nobody has made any significant contribution either in the form of working code, documentation or evidence of research. This is deeply worrying to me. Over half of the group members seem really laid back like this is not important, some have expressed indirectly that they are not planning to do much work.

    Is this to be expected in every ****ing group!

    Last year I had a 5 man group project, and they were all idiots/lazy *****(justification: 2 could not install the ****ing IDE on their computers, really? Some finally managed after I told them to install JDK (****ing error message tells them that). Them and the rest could not code (at least as far as I could tell), and had no clue how to build the project (as in visually represent a vision or direction to go with it). One group member actually made an attempt, but all he did was copy n' paste the lecturers code...I did not let him added 1. because he ripped it 2. because it did not work) I ended up righting the entire program on my own with 0 input from any group member. And God did I try to get them involved in it. I really want to work with people that give a ****. I actually got a **** grade for this. There was way to much work for one person. (also, everyone of my group member failed first year and dropped out except one).

    I do not want this project to be the same. What should I do? At the moment, I am considering throwing them under the bus. It really pisses me off that in the second ****ing year of study people can be so ****ing chill like that. The one mistake I am not going to make that I did last year is allow people to take credit for work they did not do.

    Should I speak with the lecture early on?

    I have tried to indirectly confront members to get work out of them, but they do not seem to be taking this module seriously. Every meeting some will sit there staring into space blankly, while others tap away on their ****ing stupid phones. It is always me and 2 others that do the talking. BUT! it is not like we enforce this. I try to encourage others to participant in discussion, but all they do is smile and say "i duno" or something else.

    Another ****ing thing that gets on my tits is that half can't get out of ****ing be to make it on time to a meeting. We have to sit and wait for them. Well that is not happening anymore.

    Honestly now...am I just really ****ing unlucky? or is this to be expected?

    Sorry, this was meant to be a question, but it clearly a stupid rant.
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    (Original post by insaneClownPosse)
    My first reaction is wow! It's really bad luck that you're in this situation...again! It sounds like you have a couple of others who can help with the work though and are willing. I'm surprised you don't have to check in with your tutor or supervisor at some point in this process though. As this is happening for the second time I would make someone aware of the situation ideally your supervisor or tutor and carry on working with the other two who are contributing. Make the others aware of what's going on but don't wait for them or even ask them to contribute anymore. That way you can get on with the work and getting a decent grade without letting the other hold you back and can't be accused of going off and doing stuff on your own. Good luck!

    TBH in my experience this is the case for the majority of uni projects (assuming you can't choose your own group). it varies from one or two week links to a group which just has a different work ethic to you.

    I would try and work out whether they're planning on doing the work but at the last minute (very common in students) n which case you can put a bit of pressure on but basically you need to compromise too... or are they just not planning on contributing.

    TBH if they won't contribute you can decide - do I get on with it, work hard and get a decent grade OR do I speak to the lecturer and find a solution. The lecturer may or may not help - some feel that you are adults and part of group work is actually working together and communicating however if they refuse to help and your group won't help then I would write the project alone (with whoever will join you) and then don't submit it as a group project, submit it as only by you (or whoever wrote it) and don't give the others a copy. Your lecturer will probably be pissed but they should be putting something in place for this sort of thing anyway, we used to grade each others performance at the end of a group project and were graded accordingly.

    At my university, every group member got an individual grade based on contribution points, that all members have to agree or submit anonymously via reviews at the end. The threat of having a poor grade usually made people get their acts together during my experience.

    I'd speak to the lecturer in advance though, that you have problems. I had to go through something similar in my final year, where I was left with the brunt of the workload and informing my lecturer in advance helped immensely. Because I told him early on, my grade didn't suffer.

    I always take control with group work for this very reason. Right at the start I tell everyone a list of tasks that needs to be done and ask people to choose then and there what they will do or I just allocate tasks to people. I always end up giving myself the more onerous and difficult tasks as I just don’t trust people at all.

    I may be a control freak but whatever, I refuse to get bad marks because other people’s lack of organisation/motivation.
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    Ha ha, I'm in the same boat atm with people who can't even upload a file to GitHub. I mean ffs? Even if you don't know the commands you can just drag and drop.

    (Original post by FriendlyPenguin)
    Group projects are just giving you a fine education on what to expect in the real world.
    I get the point of it but my argument is that the ****wits would have all been sacked if it was real life.

    Our first assignment has 20+ commits and all but 2 are from me. It's one of those things, you just have to do it or it won't get done.
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