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    I want to clear out that my Bachelor is in Law. However, the idea of working as a lawyer in my country does not seem intriguing to me.
    I've always been interested in international affairs, international human rights, european and international politics and law... However, I am not sure whether I want to go for oxford mjur, which will be more legal, or lse international relations which is more general and interesting... I would like to work for international organisations, european institutions and similar positions, not purely as a lawyer however... Secondarily I am interested in journalism as well... I am, however, afraid that LSE IR wont open that many doors professionally, while mjur seems more reassuring and specialised... To me LSE IR seems more interesting as far as the knowledge field is concerned...Career prospects are important as well though...
    What's your opinion?
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    At the end of the day, the MJur is a legal degree. If you don't intend to be a practicing lawyer, it's of debatable worth. It's certainly not "better" than the LSE course in that case, although it's not necessarily worse. The Oxford name isn't considerably more well regarded than LSE, as far as masters go.

    Any prestige the MJur has is restricted to the legal profession - outside of that, it's "just" a masters degree at best, and somewhat worse than another arbitrary masters if you don't do a dissertation. In that case as you've only done advanced legal academic work, you will not have developed any transferable skills you won't have picked up on an undergraduate course already - they know you can sit in lectures and take notes and take a tough timed exam, as you'll have done that throughout your undergrade course.

    They want either a) useful subject specific knowledge beyond the scope of a BA (the legal content of the course at this level is basically irrelevant outside of law, it's actually been debated whether the BCL (the UK equivalent of the MJur) is even useful for aspiring solicitors as they won't realistically ever use any of the knowledge from the course) or b) demonstration of the ability to do extensive independent research at a high level. Yes it's another degree to add to your CV, but again - what does it actually bring you, other than the Oxon tag? As above, the LSE name is comparable, and on that course you may get some more useful subject specific knowledge, and (I believe) you'll have to do the dissertation and get the independent research skills of a good masters degree - so it's at worse equivalent and at best actually better.

    If you do intend to pursue law, then that's kind of a simple problem.
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    Thank you for your concern!
    I think that everything boils down to one question. Can a master in international relations (supposedly a LSE master) lead to specific career paths within international and european institutions, ngos etc? Generally, I know many who claim that such a degree theoretically can create job opportunities in these areas.
    However, is this practically true? I would appreciate if any IR graduates have to say sth about their related experience or insight.
    So, all in all, will a IR master be considered somewhat a waste of time in terms of employability (because it is unquestionable that it is extremely useful in terms of broadening your knowledge about what's going on around the globe). Is there any particular professional demand for a master in the field of IR? Or, a master in law (international law, human rights) can be considered a more safe solution?
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