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Muslim teacher wins unfair dismissal over 9/11 video watch

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    I have to say that I find this case fascinating, and I also sympathise with the teacher 100%.

    This young teacher lady (an Oxford graduate, as it happens), who also happens to be Muslim, was assisting in a class when the main teacher put on a YouTube video of footage from 9/11 including people jumping out of windows, to their death, to escape the fire. This was for a Year 7 class.

    When the main teacher brought up the video on youtube (on a large projector screen at the front), the teacher had to login in to their account to override the "This video is not suitable for under 18s".

    So anyway, the young teacher lady was quite horrified and brought this to the attention of the school administrators. She was then immediately fired. In an internal school document written after the dismissal, they pointed out that this teacher was head girl at one of the Trojan Horse** (see endnote) schools. I think the implication was basically that the young teacher lady was an Islamist troublemaker and the only reason she was raising this was because, as an Islamist, she didn't want to remind people of the Islamist terrorist slaughter of 3,000 people on 9/11.

    The young teacher lady brought two employment law claims; one which was a whistleblowing claim (that she was fired because she 'blew the whistle' on misconduct) and also a religious discrimination claim (that, in firing her, they had treated her less favourably because she was a Muslim; that she would not have been fired if she had been, say, a Christian).

    I certainly believe the dismissal was unfair and she had cause to raise the issue of showing these kids a video people jumping to their deaths from a 100-story building because the fire was at their back and they ended up with the choice of burning to death or jumping (and dying). I also believe it's quite possible she would not have been dismissed if she was not Muslim (although the tribunal judge and wing members heard the evidence, I didn't, and so their decision should be accorded weight).

    What gives me pause for thought is that this Islamic teacher lady (who wears a hijab) apparently did a dissertation on the Trojan Horse issue; in the article, she says that it was a fake and that it caused terrible hardship to the Muslim students of Birmingham. I find that to be somewhat more suspicious because although the letter itself was a forgery, it was the trigger for an investigation that uncovered an actual Islamist conspiracy to take over state schools and basically to enforce sharia law on students using state funding. Surely if the Muslim teacher lady had no such affiliations or beliefs, she would be pleased that this had been uncovered.

    Anyway, here's the article


    **Re Trojan Horse. Basically, in 2014 a letter (a crude forgery) claiming to be an Islamist plan to take over Birmingham school system was sent to the BBC. The letter was shown to be fake, however the subsequent government investigation proved beyond all doubt that there were actually Islamist school governors who had introduced extremist curricula, enforced segregation between students, forced female students to wear veils (remember, these are not Islamic religious schools; these are state schools).
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