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    Hey guys.

    So I was in a ten plus year relationship & we broke up. I was single a few months but definitely did not want to commit to a relationship so I thought about a FWB type situation. I've only ever had one proper bf. He was my first everything also. I perceive myself as to loyal and I knew I needed to go into this with a strong mind. I was talking to a friend of mine I've had on my facebook for over 5 years. We had mutual mates but I don't think we ever met but we're real cool just from our convos online. So anyway I had always been attracted to him mentally just from the way we'd vibe. He also always said things to me like he's never had a gf he doesn't want commitment. He was a bit of a ****. In real life someone I'd never go for. So I thought he was a good option as I wouldn't fall in love with him because of his ******* ways. That doesn't attract me like some women. He agreed. I let him know that because we were both Leo's we both had to compromise to make this work. We both have big egos and both like to be in charge so from the jump I let him take control.

    I know I only ever slept with one person my whole life so maybe dOnt know much but the sex was amazing. TBH I didn't even know sex could feel like that. So after the first time we slept together I knew I made a good choice. So we would text everyday mainly his initiation. A few months into it he told me "he was growing rather fond of me" and he also told me he liked me. My response was "you like ****ing me" and he said no I actually like u. Kinda confused me because I would think he'd have to like me some what to be able to **** me lol. But anyway 10 months into it we had argued a lot it's almost like we both enjoyed arguing but it was mainly because he would be disrespectful toward me calling me a ***** or whatever. One day he cares the next he act like he could care les. Also when we would have these arguments he would try end things and then apologise. I always said why u always trying to push me away. A few times in our arguments he would say if u don't like the way I talk to u I'm not ur bf. Weird because giving me basic respect doesn't mean u have to my bf.

    Our last argument he messaged me being disrespectful so I wrote back saying u don't have to talk to me like that! He said if I don't like the way he speaks go find a "soft ****" who treats u like their gf. I got angry and said "I don't have to find anything maybe I'll just stop barring guys for you" and I sent him a screen shot of a convo with a guy. Talking about meeting up. Petty I know! And it was wrong. He ended up replying telling me to "kindly **** off" and there's "no coming back from that one"

    I thought it would just be another petty fight but he barred me for almost two weeks. I asked him to tell me if he's done and I'll never msg him again but he just wouldn't reply. He finally replied saying "what do you want?" I was a lil confused and said "what do u mean" he didn't reply so I elaborated and said "I want you to tell me If you are done and I will **** off and never msg u again" he replied "yeah but what do u want" "what do u want from me?"
    This made me confused and I replied "I want what we agreed on" "u think I want something more from u ?" "Isn't that what u want too? I'm not tryna **** things up more" & whatdo u know he never replied. So the next day I msg my best mate and somehow I msg him instead and I swear it was an accident. I cringed so bad. He replied saying "if u think Ima play ur games ur wrong"
    I replied saying what games wtf u talking about?"
    So he says to me that I blackmailed him. But instead of money I'm using my "pussy" so he has to "graciously" decline. I told him I never tried to blackmail him so he sends me a screen shot of the msg I sent him with the phone pic and a screen shot of the definition "blackmail". I'm like whatever I'm a ****ed up bish tryna blackmail u then. So u done?
    He takes two hours to reply and tells me he's got a new bitvh who doesn't do his head in or blackmail him so now I'm "free" to go get that better ****. Referring to the screen shot I sent. I don't understand why he even told me that he could Of said I'm really done and to **** off and I would of done it. Instead he does that.

    It's been like a week now and I think it's really over what i don't get is was he mad at the "blackmail" or me talking to someone else. He says I'm "free" to get the **** now but wasn't I always? We were never exsclusive.

    I'm a loyal person and I hate having bad blood wit people I care for it's not my style. Any advice would help sorry for the bad grammar.

    Time for new ****
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