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    I've never posted here so I'm not sure if this is in the right place lol.

    Anyway, I'm currently at sixth form in year 12 and have been there for just over a month but I am really not enjoying it. Lately I've been waking up, dreading going into the sixth form and just think about how much I don't want to go in but I have to because I have "surrposedly" missed 22 lessons which is impossible since I have only had 4 days off, two of which include six lessons and one day with 3 lessons and another with 3 or 2 lessons but, this might be due to the teachers not marking students in (which is really bad) and my friend was once not marked in for the whole day because her teachers forgot to mark the register.

    No one else from my past school is at the sixth form, I am the only one so I feel a bit left out. I do have friends there that I made prior to being in the sixth form but they all have their own group going on so I tend to just do art at lunch on a full day.

    I feel pretty outcasted, even though I do try to talk to people they just seem to talk to me because I'm there (not because I'm a friend, if you get what I'm saying) and a few people seem a bit cold to me but I'm not sure why.

    I take English language, art and Design technology/graphics. I enjoy DT because it is pretty fee rein, relaxed and I am able to focus on something that I really enjoy, (horse riding) and I would have gone into that since I love the idea of being an instructor but there is very little money so i don't feel like it is an option. I feel quite judged in one of my English classes and I really do not enjoy it because of how uninteresting it is and because one of my teachers doesn't even know what she is doing, I can't learn anything from her lessons. One of the other eng teacher seems to hate me because I was late to around 3 of her lessons, which I apologised for and the girls just seem to treat me like an outsider and like they are better than me, or because I'm new and don't have a group, avoid me except for these 2 girls who I rarely get to talk to.

    In my art class I will go through certain days of being completely left out and ignored for the whole lesson, which really upsets me, and some days I will be included in the conversation. Being completely blanked just makes me feel so lonely and kind of angry, like, why isn't my friend acknowledging me?it really makes me think about my old art classroom which I actually had a good time in and enjoyed, I really miss that, mostly in times like these.

    Whenever I walk through the school I feel like a transfer or temporary student that doesn't actually go there, but is just on a temporary stay, it all feels like a bit of a nightmare and like it's not real.

    I don't have a solid group like I used to, I'm on my own most of the time and because of anxiety, I completely avoid going into the social room because I know no-one and it is always packed full of people.

    For my job I want to be an Architect but I know that you need A-levels since there is no apprenticeship until 2019, and getting into that would be extremely hard. I can't drop out unless I change my career choice but thinking about going to that place just makes me panick, what do I do? I don't know if there are any other options for me.

    Do you need an English Language A-Level?
    Because if not, you could drop that and start something else.
    You could speak to the head of 6th Form and see what's best for you to do

    i think for architecture you need maths, or you could just switch english language to another subject such as english lit which is more respected and from my experience more interesting.! sorry to hear you're having a difficult time, i'm sure it will improve, maybe try to get talking to people during class discussions etc!

    I can really relate. Luckily time seems to fly by due to the Sixth form pressure. It makes it easier since it means the lack of actual/proper friends at my new sixth form is alleviated but scary since it feels like if you dont study properly you won’t have time to catch up later. At all.

    Just power through these 2 years (lets make like some astromentalogical (I trademark this word) connection and power it together in that sense). Fact is you’re not alone in that sort of struggle and many ppl are worse off.

    Try doing stuff outside of school NCS and all the other opportunities they come with plus other workshops and lectures you can go to yourself will allow you to meet new and better people. I did that and it kinda worked considering how far apart we all lived and how close and tight we became.
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