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please someone help me!! iv just stared my second year of uni and I'm finding it really hard to cope with a lot of issues. I live at home and my dad as become very ill due to a breakdown and as been diagnosed with paranoia. I've had to miss out going into uni just to help my mum look after my dad. I also suffer from mental health my self. I have a eating disorder and depression and is getting really bad and i'm just finding it really REALLY hard to cope with. I cant concentrate on anything. I've been to the doctors and she as put me on the sick for a month. I have spoken to my tutors about it and they are very understanding with the situation. they are saying to take the year out and get better and re-enrol next year and start the year again. but what will happen with my maintenance loan? will they stop paying me? or do I have to pay them back the money they have give me for this semester?

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