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The real agenda about the sexual scandal hypersensitivity watch

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    I read some of these stories about men in Parliament resigning for putting their hand on someone’s knee or whispering a sweet nothing in someone’s ear - and it makes me weep. It’s pitiful but at the same time it couldn’t have happened to an more appropriate bunch of people - the very ones who force political correctness on us.

    There are essentially two categories that harassment falls into;

    1. Real harassment - someone willingly interferes with someone or their life

    2. Hypersensitivity - an overreaction about a trivial comment for example

    Customarily sexual relations are initiated by men and accepted by females. It’s a bit like a contract, an offer followed by acceptance or decline. There is such hypersensitivity about men making an offer. On top of this people often do playful behaviour naturally - woman and men do it.

    What this is, is political correctness - the actual underlying theory is called postmodern social theory. (The theory says that all group differences in outcome are caused by oppression and prejudice - which is wrong because the differences are actually from nature and biology - and that therefore we have oppressor groups (men/ whites) and oppressed groups (females / blacks) and what politics needs to do is make these groups equal and punish the oppressors on the way. The political establishment, media establishment and education are all onboard with this false theory).

    What the collective mind is doing is attaching what is calls “the patriarchy”. I think you will find that the vast vast majority of the people attacked this way are men. The theory seeks to create victims in anyway it can and this is the latest way it has found to crate victims. Once it had created victims it can find the accused and punish them then as a side effect creating social change on the way, in this case the desired effect is to make men so scared that they are not say boo to a goose.

    This does of course not excuse genuine harassment or inappropriate conduct which is now much harder to identify due to the extreme hypersensitivity phenomenon.



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