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    well, i guess it depends on what smart means. in my case what smart meant was that I always got a-a*s in my tests maybe the odd B.But that's was before year 9.Up until year 8, i seemed to be doing very well getting the top marks on almost every subject except for English and RE which were never my strong points.Now I am year 10 and look back at what I used to be and it makes me feel like I have lost something.I am predicted 9's and 8's for my GCSE's.There are no 7's.Since year 9 has started I have felt like I have lost almost all of my motivation and willpower to do anything school related.The only reason I am any of the top sets is that of my predicted grades not because of my current grades which range from U-9.Now that I am year 10 i Almost never do homework at home only revised 2 times in the course of two months and heard a lot from teachers going something along the lines of"you have so much potential and you are wasting it all on getting grades like (insert grade for subject) when u can easily be getting grades like(insert grade higher than 8).If u think i am terrible at the subject English u would be right.Any English based subject like RE or history is a tragedy when it comes to grades. You can see i have no form of structure in my paragraph that I have written.If you are wondering why my predicted grades are so Its because I have an IQ 140 and no I neither arrogant or stuck up.I Just want help with my motivation so that I can perform to my predicted grades/potential/abilities.oh and my predicted grades are below and I will post my mock exam grades soon.Anything such as revision techniques, how to focus in class, how to stay on task at home and in school and things like that will be appreciated.

    I think everyone has the realisation that they can't get through education without any revision at all. Some people get theirs when they start GCSE, some when they start A-Level, some people even get to their degree before they realise you can't expect to be successful and coast through life. I had my realisation at the back end of year 8, and I'm guessing you've just realised "oh crap for the first time in my life I have to work for something", which is a big shock when you've done pretty much nothing for four years and you're used to getting top marks with no effort.
    But now you've realised that you need to work for those grades and trust me, the sooner you have that realisation, the better. If you're just starting revision for the first time in your life, start small. You mention staying focussed in class, so I'm guessing you have a short attention span. So, for every night for 25 minutes (you can download an app called focus now that stops you from using your phone for 25 minutes), you just have to revise. Just for 25 minutes of the entirety of your life. And when that's over, you've done it. You've concentrated for 25 minutes and now you can relax. And when you've been doing this for a week or two, maybe make in 35 minutes. Then 45. And within a month you'll be able to go about an hour studying. But here's the important part: there will be days when you can't do it. When it's too hard. When you get distracted. When you can't think. And that's okay- it doesn't mean you're stupid or you're not worthy of your predicted grades, it means you're a normal student like everyone else on TSR. Because as much as everyone likes to make out they're so productive all the time, everyone has days when they get nothing done. And that's fine because tomorrow you can sit back down with a clear head and do just 25 minutes of revision and you're done.
    You mention you're bad at English. Maybe try Mr Bruff and Mr Salles on Youtube. Don't know what texts you're doing, but they probably have them.
    Contrary to what people tell you, motivation is always the hardest part of revision because no one else can give you it but yourself. You have to think about why you're doing this and what you want out of it. Do you want to go to a top university? Do you want a high paying professional job? Surround yourself with this motivation, make Oxford university your lockscreen or something, idk. Everyone has periods of low and high motivation, but you just need to remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place. My motivation usually comes from wanting to be able to say I did my best at the end of the exam and just know what whatever i get will be good enough. That and my fear of failure whelp.

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