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I'm a guy, has my boyfriend lost interest? watch

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    I'm a bisexual guy, and have only ever told my Mum and a few friends about me. I shouldn't be like this, but at the moment, I'm too worried to tell the rest of my family. One of my more distant uncles is gay and my family have said things about him (not all the time, but once when they were chatting about him).

    I have dated a guy before and all he wanted was a bit of action. Nothing ever happened more than kissing, but you could tell that's what he wanted. It was going on for 6 months and when I said about a relationship, he always avoided the question. If I asked him how his day was, he barely messaged me back. So to test this, I sent him a snapchat of me naked but holding my hand over my privates and he was straight onto replying to me, so I ended it.

    I'm quite a shy person. I'd be too afraid to start speaking to someone on a night out. So I got back onto Tinder. I got messaging someone. We exchanged numbers and for the two weeks before we met, our texts were like essays to one another. It would take me 10 minutes to write another text back. We were just finding out so much about one another.

    We decided to meet, and we both wanted to meet up again. After 9 times, we've got into a relationship... that was about 3/4 weeks ago.

    When I see him, he just makes me feel so happy. All my worries just go from me instantly. He says the nicest things to me, he always gives me full eye contact (unlike the other guy who used to eye up other guys), and I feel like he really loves me which I've never felt before.

    He's a manager so he works long hours, sometimes 15 hours a day which I tell him not to because he'll knacker himself out. When we don't see one another, we text a lot, similar to how we used to before we met. But he doesn't always reply. I'll notice he goes online on messenger or reads my messages, or shares things on facebook, but he doesn't reply to me.

    Do you think he's lost interest in me? Or is it he's just genuinely so busy or so tired he doesn't reply? He does reply eventually, but I just feel a bit like "oh, you can put up statuses but can't reply to me?"

    Am I just overthinking everything? When he's with me, it's totally different and I love it.

    I want to tell my Mum/family about him, (he still hasn't told his family), but I just feel worried at the moment how they'll react.

    Thank you and sorry for the length of this x

    Why don't you talk about it to him, he seems like a wonderful person when your with him, it may be that he is just thinking of what to write to you, but like I said you should talk about it and you shouldn't be afraid of telling your family, have you thought about religion? I mean why don't you ask God for comfort or ask him what you should do, I am a Roman Catholic and people often say to me that God doesn't like gays/bisexual but trust me that's not true, pope Francis said 'if a gay man goes to worship God then who am I to judge?' Meaning anybody is welcome to worship God and ask for help, in my personal experience God has done wonders for me than nobody can imagine, but I can't force you into a religion and neither can God, it's your choice
    Hope this helps
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