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    I always think to myself I'm a good person but am I really? I will tell you about my self and please judge and comment

    I am thin. Some people say too thin. I'm 13 and I try to stick up for others at school. There is a boy called Marc at my school and people bully him and I try to stick up for him and be nice to him. One time he said he was going to kill himself and I panicked and the whole class heard him and said that he was being stupid as usual and didn't try to comfort him but I did and I asked a teacher to talk to him so that he felt better and we are friends now. I am not rich my mum lost her job and is currently looking for another one and is on benefits, sometimes she doesn't have enough money to buy a bus ride home for herself so she walks and she has a very bad back. But somehow she manages to save up and buy me things to make me happy and this is why I love her because she is selfless. I want to be like her. Every Christmas we go to our church and feed the homeless. I am the only child there every year. I love talking to the homeless and being thier friend. Whenever we can we give some coins to the homeless. I love God. I love Jesus and Mother Mary. My father was abusive to my mother so she left him and moved to England when I was 2. God is my only father. My older sister is 18 and I love her too but she is away. I have a guinea pig who I love. I have done bad things like once I stole from a shop and never told anyone. Another time I laughed at a girl who was being pushed but felt bad afterwards so I always am nice to her to make up for it. I stole some pens from school and some paper just because I didn't want my mum to spend her money on them. I swear at my mum sometimes when she shouts at me but she never hears me because I cover my mouth. I used to scratch my sister when she made me angry. I have lied a lot. I haven't got any true friends. Only a few fake ones. I bought a sandwich and water for a homeless woman once. I hit a boy because he poured water on a girl. Sometimes I get bullied but I don't tell my mum because I don't want her to stress. My step dad was sexually abusive to me but I never told my mum because I thought it was normal from what he told me. But one day I told her and she called the police and we moved house. I am kind and polite to everyone I meet and know. I try to be good because I want to be a saint one day.
    Please tell me
    Am I a good person?
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    Look man I know your still young but you gotta realise if you seek validation from others your never gonna be happy with yourself. You seem like a good person and it was good what you did for the homeless woman and the kid being bullied. Your a good person and you don’t need others to tell you that but you mention you are doing good to become a saint, just do good things for the sake of doing them and because you want to try not to seek too much from it. and speak to someone about the bullying before it ruins your self image.

    Yes. I think so
    You said first you’re thin. That has nothing at all to do with what sort of person you are and it shouldn’t come first
    You seem to be considerate and caring of others
    But sometimes deal with it wrongly
    You can’t hit people whatever they did to someone else
    Your mum is trying very hard and it’s good that you help her
    Be kind to your younger siblings, your mum doesn’t need the hassle
    It’s probably not good to steal. Can you talk to school about needing those things? They should be able to help
    There’s nothing you’ve written that says you are a bad person. You know the little things you did wrong and what to do instead in future
    Finally, please please try to get some help to deal with what happened to you properly so it doesn’t cause you too much damage in the future. It’s probably why you get a bit angry sometimes.
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