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    HI I'm choosing my options for A-level and I've chosen the subjects I want to do:
    Drama and Theatre studies
    Media studies
    However two teachers have mentioned that I may need to pick a more "traditional subject" like English or History, especially if I want to go to uni. Thing is I don't know if I want to go to uni and I've picked subjects that I KNOW I will enjoy and right now I don't particularly enjoy English or history so I'm quite baffled on what to do. As I mentioned I don't know if I want to go to Uni but I don't want to block that option off completely.
    ANY IDEAS )))))))

    Maths and English are core subjects so they are good to keep.
    I would say, if you like learning things and dates etc, go for history.
    If you like reading, go for English. I didn't pick English because I hate reading and don't regret it because there is a lot of reading to do in it.
    In my opinion, English seems like the subject that fits well with your choices. But the choice is yours after all 😊
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    Always do what you've enjoyed more in the past as you'll be doing it for at least one year maybe even two of your life. Generally English is a subject that can be seen as more general and can apply to a greater range of possible university degrees than History can, as History is more a specific subject. But both are equally reputable as subjects on your personal statement.

    See what teachers are doing each respective subject and if they are particularly good, this could be a factor in the decision making process. Whilst also have a glance at the syllabus for each one, if the idea of reading some of the books excites you for English but let's say the British parliament 1906-1964 doesn't, this could also be another thing to consider.

    Completely personal opinion, I'd go for English as I think for Drama in particular it'll really aid the essay part and it'll crucially assist in some of the thinking behind Media Studies but that's just me.
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    English complements your other subjects - it's fundamentally the same as Media, except applied to literary media instead of contemporary/electronic/mass media in terms of analysing the content of a given...thing. It also fits in with Drama as you'll be analysing some dramatic works in it without fail.

    It somewhat depends on what you want to do in the medium to long term however. If you intend to do a "creative arts" degree (including in say, photography), then Fine Art (or Art & Design) would be better to develop your overall artistic and design abilities in various media, as well as prepare for an art foundation if you did pursue that route. If you want to do a performing arts degree, in acting, dance, etc, then it doesn't really matter so much - Drama would probably be the most relevant, supported by relevant experience and audition. If you were specifically interested in musically related performance, then Music might be a good idea.

    If you wanted to pursue a traditional academic program, then I'd suggest you reflect on whether this is actually something you want to do or if you you're just going to university "because". Your subjects chosen and interests indicated don't really suggest that's something you enjoy or are interested in. If it was something under consideration, I'd recommend checking subject requirements, and switching two of those options for more "traditional" academic subjects (or taking four, including two such subjects). You can get some idea of what subjects would be considered as such from e.g. the LSE subject requirements page, as any in their "preferred" subject list would satsify that criteria as good preparation for degree level work. Some subjects from the "non-preferred" list would be suitable for specific degrees, there or elsewhere - for example Art for Architecture or possibly History of Art, Music for Music, Drama for English, or any one of those for Anthropology or Cultural Studies (or perhaps Classics or Archaeology, depending on your specific interests in those realms).

    It's worth bearing in mind, there's no point trying to conform to the latter suggestion if it's not something you are good at or will enjoy, as this is like to cause you to get poorer grades than you would otherwise. Even if you did gain good grades and go on to an academic course as above, if such academic study isn't something you enjoy in A-level I assure you that it will be even less enjoyable at degree level.

    Finally, if you aren't particularly considering university then it doesn't really matter so much. Getting good grades would be more of a benefit than doing "preferred" subjects overall, although even that isn't going to be a huge consideration. You may want to look into some apprenticeship programmes in that case, as some may take on 16-18 apprentices which will allow you to being that track earlier and qualify if applicable sooner in your vocation.

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