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Why are the British generally so reserved ? watch


    (Original post by Roxirin)
    The 'typical' American is often very openly friendly and smiley. They will openly chat with you even if you're a stranger. This is a generalisation of course, but Americans are far more publicly outgoing and friendly than us Brits. Not really sure why, but hey!
    As an American living in the UK, I can confirm that this is generally true. We are normally more open to strangers, a “love thy neighbor” mentality as I sometimes put it. My family tends to find the British as more reserved and sometimes cold, but good with manners and politeness (as long as it’s not with strangers it seems, but it varies quite a bit). These are all generalizations of Americans and Britons alike, but it’s kind of how we felt when we first moved.
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    (Original post by Ling91)
    Well, debatable. For some aspect(s), they may be certainly different , for others not really. I'll list you an example here that you might know: If you just think the origin of Queen Elizabeth herself and quite a few members of the Royal Family .. Where do they come from originally .. Hannover ..Hannover did come from a German lineage .. [double check this..]
    Then dating back to (not the proper Britons) from the English ancestors .. Where did they come from..?

    Anglo-Saxon [Saxon is a east-central region of Germany, double check this]
    The language may be different for many aspects , as English language have been under the influence of another European languages for centuries [French, Celtic languages, Latin thanks to several Roman settlements or military campaigns in Great Britain].. But philology will have still descending from common roots
    Then .. Do you think the German food is so much different from the British ..?

    Just think about how many potatoes and sausages are being featuring in both.. They have always been present in both cuisines for ages
    And then think about .. Alcohol .. It's part of the culture and traditions in both countries ..
    Germany by not chance one of the major producer of Beer. Think
    about the Oktoberfest ..
    There are so many different areas and counties in the UK where beer is been largely consumed and produced .. Do many brew manufacturers exist in the U.K..
    The Czech Republic actually consume the most beer. And don't even try to educate me on my own country. Every monarchy intermarried (the German monarchy had Russian roots) and 40% if Germans are descended from Eastern Europe. Half of Germans are Catholic and you should probably know that the previous pope was german, as you're Italian? The Bavarian language is actually more similar to Italian and is spoken by 12 million people. You won't find german architecture in the uk by any stretch of the imagination. Potatoes and pig meat is the most common ingredients in central and Eastern Europe. Genetically, France is the most similar to the uk (predominantly halogroup Rb whereas Germany is mostly Ra). English ancestry can be traced to France and Spain more than Germany. I'm afraid that the two countries are very different , and bear in mind that Germany bordered Russia for hundreds of years and therefore has many Eastern European influences (half the country was communist and soviet controlled for over 50 years).
    After all this, you still say they're similar? Have you ever been to either of them?

    (Original post by Ling91)
    Tell me.. When you say.. 'the rest of us' what part or country of the UK you are referring to..?
    Now I'm intrigued..Then, in what way would they have been so awkward ..? Ahaha
    I'm from Scotland 😊😊
    My experience with English guys has always been them acting like that. One time at a summer camp, there was a guy who barely spoke to me and then somehow he got my Facebook and bombarded me with messages saying how he wished he talked to me more at camp etc, it rrly annoyed me cuz he could have just spoken to me more, he had a whole week. More recently I stayed over at a guys house, I'm kinda a forward person, I took some clothes off cuz and he didn't take the rather obvious hint that I wanted to have sex, hours later we lay in bed and he was being soo shaky and nervous trying to touch me, I honestly felt like I was like 16 again, I decided I didn't want to do anything with him cuz of him acting like that.
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