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    I have no motivation whatsoever for college. I’m taking an access course and it feels like I have given up all hope. I can’t find a job, no matter how many times I search for them and I’m just so confused.

    Lately I’ve been feeling so depressed, I don’t know who to go to or what to do and my mind is going everywhere. And I’m just literally crying as I write this. I started this course off strong and now I’m just so weak. I have no strength left in me anymore. Sometimes I just lay in bed and I think to myself is it even worth living anymore
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    I'm taking this from a website that I read something from, and I can remember it well.

    It may not be aimed at you for the whole, but there is an important message behind it:

    'Tell me, why does a person choose to eat a cake? There are several reasons. Just like with every food we like, we choose to eat them because of the taste, the texture, the appearance, what's on the inside of the food, what's at the beginning of the journey of eating cake to the end of the journey. There may not be an ultimate purpose to eating the cake, no definitive point to why we choose to eat something so yummy - we just do because it gives us joy; and there is a potential joy in every food'.

    I read this off of a website where people with 'issues' could share their feelings, and people could help them.

    Now, to the point: there is a point to living still, you just have to unlock the potential (or to put it simply: taste the cake). You may have troubles with your course, troubles with a job; but you're not the only one. There are hardly any jobs left, and if there are jobs left, they require at least 10 years of experience in making rockets for NASA and a degree in a non-sense course which you would end up being in £30,000-40,000 debt for. Life is hard at the moment. We understand your struggles, which means that we know how to overcome it.

    You ask yourself of an evening if there is even a point left to living. The answer? Yes. Things may not be going well at the moment, but you just have to unlock that potential - taste the cake. Humans naturally, being social creatures, have stages in life where we feel depressed. But you can't let this get you down. I bet you that if the next time you participated in your course with an optimistic attitude, saying 'I will get through this', in 1-2 Weeks, you will back to normal, happy as ever. Humans are only limited to very basic actions, and our last one is trying. If you get something wrong, it's not your fault. Everyone has their own unique abilities and performances - so don't let the expectations of other people and boards get you down.

    Hope I could help!
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