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Where to start when considering Uni courses? watch

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    Okay, so I'll start off by apologising since I've probably posted this in the wrong place, and because I probably sound like a right idiot for asking this - however I feel like I should do so despite looking stupid in order to save me from grave mistakes later on.

    So, as I've put in the title, where do you start when you want to begin considering what you want to do at uni and where you want to go?

    By this I mean how do you turn just a general interest in a subject into a specific course you want to do, and also how do you find out the university you want to go to in order to do that course. I blame it on not having people / being too shy to ask that I'm so clueless, since I've only ever received 'go to the uni that is best for your degree' when I've wondered before. I understand the sentiment behind this, but it doesn't exactly help when I've no idea how to go about finding the best uni in the first place!

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    You kind of said it yourself. First you need to have a "general interest in a subject" then you can find out which "specific course" is closely related to that interest. For example if you like physics/maths and building stuff...then perhaps a branch of engineering might be for you. You could post your interests here that way people would be able to recommend suitable courses for you. Alternatively you could google something like "University courses to do with (your subject of interest)" and see what pops up.

    As to what university you want to go to...that depends on a whole number of things! For example do you want a uni close to home or would prefer to move away? Do you want to be in a huge city or the middle of nowhere? Do you care about the nightlife? Is the university's 'ranking' important to you ...are you bothered if its not an RG? etc.

    So i would say first find a course that interests you...google search the universities that offer it...check if any of those universities meet your criteria and you also meet their entry requirements. Write those unis down in a list then go through them individually to see which ones appeal to you most.


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