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    I sat AQA language in summer and got a 5 but i needed a 6 so i will resit next summer, AQA dont allow private canidates to tesit so ill have to do edexcel. Any tips on the exam. Timings for questions number of points needed.

    In edexcel English language you get two papers. Paper one is fiction and imaginative writing. Paper two is non-fiction and transactional writing. In paper one in the fiction section you get one, 1 mark question, one 2 mark question, one 6 mark question and one 15 mark question. And in the Imaginative writing section you get an option to do one of two task which is worth 40 marks. This paper is 1hr 45 mins long. For section a on paper one you should spend about one hour,I recommend spending at least a good 5 minute reading and fully understanding the text. Then spend about 10 mins doing the first two questions, these are the easiest ones and just require a quotation from the text. For the third question so the six mark one spend about 15 mins and do three PETAL paragraphs so point evidence technique analysis and link, try to do at least three Points for this question if not do at least two and make sure it is in depth. For the 15 mark question spend 30 mins on it and evaluate it so use the structure PETEL , this is an evaluative question so don’t go in-depth as much but do an overview of the whole text to show to the marker that you have understood the text fully, remember for this one to have an introduction and conclusion in which you just need to say what has happend in the text in a short form. For the second section so the imaginative writing spend 45mins and make sure you plan it. Here out of the 40 marks 15 marks are for SPaG so spelling punctuation and grammar, so use a range of vocabulary correctly spelled and used correctly also a common mistake is that you can mess up the tenses which really does affect your mark. In paper two, this is definitely the more challenging one , in the non fiction section, you get two texts. There are seven questions on this The first three question are on text one and the next four questions are based on text two. Question one is worth two marks and just requires two quotes from the text. Question two is worth two marks and just requires one quote from the text and backed up with a brief explanation of that quote. Question three is worth fifteen marks and is just like question three in paper one section a so use PETAL. Question four is worth one mark and only requires a quote. Question five is worth one mark and just requires one quote from the text. Question six is worth fifteen marks and is just like question 4 on paper one section a so evaluative so use PETEL. Now question seven has two parts a and b. 7a is worth six marks and just asks for three quotes which are similar from both texts. So it will ask about a similarity between the two texts and you have to find a quote from each text for each similarity, Remember to have three similarities. Question 7b is worth 14 marks and it asks you to compare the two texts use the structure of PEALEA so point evidence analysis link evidence analysis. You probably only have time to do two of these paragraphs but if you can only do one make sure it is very well in depth and you analysis the quotes carefully.. in regards to timing It is a bit tough but it is one mark a minute. And for section a of this paper you should do for one hour and section b for 45 mins. Section b so the transactional writing is worth 40 marks and it asks you to do one of two tasks .this writing tends to be a bit more formal than the imaginative writing so make sure it is formal and you don’t use slang or abbreviated terms like ,can’t or don’t, use cannot or do not.Hope this helps....I got 9 in English language last year....I know this is difficult but my best tip is just to practice practice practice...good luck for your exams
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