Greetings I am new, and I really hope you can help.

Nate River Near
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Hello people.

I have this problem.

I have been to school where they speak English fluently and grew up there.

Now for 2 years almost 3 I have been struggling.

Due to the fact that, I am in Holland, and the main language they have here is Dutch.

Its like going to China and learning High school - Uni Mandarin.

So I grew up learning English and now I have to do a education system in Dutch.

Problem is, I want to attend a English university here, but my grades are not high enough due to droping out due to costs.

Now I am at a Dutch high school. I am 20.

But even the Open University is in Dutch, so my best choice is to study at a English open university in the UK.

That too is a problem becuase it is more expensive.

Thus I have nowhere to study properly.

Our school system seems messed up for high school dropouts who only know English. As you need a diploma for English Uni's here and the one who does not only has it in Dutch.

Thank you for reading.
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Hi Nate, I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of that - but I'd like you to elaborate more about your education. Do you have a diploma?
If not, I suggest sitting the A-levels examinations privately. They have centres all over the world that take these exams privately. With these, you can apply to most universities in the UK.
However, if you're not a British citizen, that might be a problem, they're quite expensive for international students so you might wanna cross that out if you're not a citizen.

Your second option is, instead of wasting time in highschool - get yourself hooked to a Dutch language course. There's online courses (try Duolingo, it's free) and there must be centres at your place. So you could spend a year, get to a C1 level in Dutch, interact with students and teachers alike and resit your highschool diploma examinations. Now, since you'll be more well versed in Dutch, you'll do better at your examinations which won't serve to be a problem later on when applying to universities.
• Main Point: Learn the language, take it easy, interact with people, students, teachers alike and resit your diploma exams. Immerse yourself in the Dutch education system because apparently, English universities are hardcore expensive no matter where you go, (except for the Republic of Ireland and some universities in the US). Once you're through with the language, no matter what uni you apply to it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Another great option is, learn German. German universities have negligible costs. Just learn German, enter a Studienkolleg. This is a university preparatory course. It lasts a year and gives international students a hands-on opportunity to experience the German education system. It'll award you with a Festellungsprufen (which is equivalent to a diploma or Arbitur in Germany) with which you can apply to any university in Germany of your choice. Negligible fees and great education system. You'll be well versed in German if you're a C1 in it so the rest shouldn't be a problem.
In this option, you basically don't have to do anything. Just learn German.
1) Get to a C1 level (look up the European Framework for evaluating Languages) [it's a lot like Dutch!]
2) You don't have to attend highschool again, just try to enter a Studienkolleg. The entry test contains a Math and German test - pass that and you're in.
3) This studienkolleg prepares you for uni in Germany. It gives you a diploma so you are eligible for uni in germany.
4) with this 'diploma' you can easily apply to any university you want. Tuition fees are negligible, your monthly cost will be somewhere around €600 - €1000 max.

Hope this helps even if a little! Do update and let us know how you're doing. It all boils down to language in the end! I say just spare a year to learn any European language, it'll help you go to uni in any of the countries (except the UK of course)

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