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    I noticed that when it comes to politics there is a hell of a lot of what I call drive by politics,
    Especially with regards to the United States.

    In my definition; drive by politics is when people skin read some article without taking in any depth, out they spin in it, based on their prejudices, then cite their spin.

    For example:

    Factual statement: Obama started drafting a travel ban before Trump came to office
    Drive by statement: We’ll Obama’s travel ban didn’t discriminate based on people’s race

    Factual statement: The wall was actually started by Bill Clinton and it carried on under Bush and Obama
    Drive by Statement: Well Bill Clinton was just controlling illegal immigration not interfering worth peoples rights.

    Factual statement: There are a lot of recent Clinton scandals like Benghazi and the Clinton Russian Uranium scandal, the Clinton Foundation being a money laundering machine, funds from the Haiti appeal
    Drive by statement: No the Clintons are really good people. You’re probably watching Fox News.

    Factual statement: The Dow is at an all time high and US unemployment is at the lowest point since 2001 under Trump.
    Drive by statement: It’s just a fluke. He’s probably taking credit for Obama’s work.

    Factual statement: Race relations in the US are improving because the identity politics under Obama’s was negative for race relations
    Drive by statement: The guy is a racist

    Drive by statement: Russia did criminal activity to interfere with the US election with ads in Facebook.
    Factual statement: So the media is using the term Russia in the Cold War sense, what is Russia? Private citizens? Companies? Government? And who determines the ethics of musing memes for influence elections for a. Ones own country b. Other countries? Is there such a definition?
    Drive by response: What is a meme?
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    Your post is a classic example of drive by politics by your own definition. You define your poistion as a supporter of Trump and then define statements as "fact" that mitigate critism of him without providing any credible sources to backup those "facts".

    And all the while you conveniently ignore the controversy around his admissions of womanising and misogyny, the fact that most of his advisors have either been sacked or have resigned due to controversy and then and then the simple fact that he won't release his tax returns or IQ despite self proclaiming being purer than pure.
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    This is spot the Trump supporter here. :lol:
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