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    I’ve been talking to this guy for quite a while now. A week ago, he told me he loves me and I told him I love him too (even though we have known each other for a little while, we have this strong bond)
    I’ve lied about my age, I told him I was 18 (he’s 18 and I’m actually 17) I would’ve told him I lied but I’ve already told him about situations which would require me to be 18 (going 18-rated movie, which I actually did. Also having finished college) I’ve also lied about my body count and said it was 4 even though it’s considerablyyyyy lower) I don’t even know why I lied about these things. I just assumed that I wouldn’t be talking to him after a couple of weeks anyways (plus he lives somewhere far far far away so there’s no chance of meeting up)
    I feel really bad because I am falling for him and I don’t know what to do. I would have told him but from his past experiences with relationships and family he has major trust issues. This would ruin the relationship we are building up. I feel as though I would hurt him and he wouldn’t trust me everrrrr again, even though those are the only two things I’ve lied about. I don’t plan on telling him though. We both know that a long distant relationship isn’t practical and aren’t planning on making anything official. I still love him though and he loves me.

    What are you’re thoughts on this? Be honest. What would you do in this situation? ( don’t just give advice you wouldn’t follow yourself )

    Thank you, much appreciate peoplleeeeeeeee
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    I wouldn't even get myself into this situation. You know the guy has trust issues so why in the hell would you lie to him about this?

    You need to be honest and straight with him. Tell him you lied. You don't have a good reason for lying so I can't see a good outcome for you. Yes, a LDR isn't practical but sometimes they do work out and develop into a serious relationship.

    He deserves someone a lot better than you.
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