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How to pull women on nights out? HELP!!! watch

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    I’m basically a really socially inept person and I have to get really drunk to have the confidence to talk to people. I like drinking and always go out on my own cause I have no mates. But when i drink I want to people but most people generally think I’m a creep, so it puts me off.

    I see most guys talking to women and ‘pulling’ them but I can’t do this and I don’t know the best way to go about it? It’s so awkward trying to approach strangers incase they judge me even when I’m drunk!!! I’m not being disrespectful to women at all btw, but like sometimes I want to at least get to know a woman and go from there etc like most guys do on nights out. So What’s the best way of talking to and pulling women for someone like me???

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    Phrasing it as "pulling" a woman isn't the best way to start. It sounds cliche, but honestly just be yourself. Don't puff yourself up or try to be this really impressive guy. Be calm and natural and there'll be a woman who's attracted to you. Just be patient.

    There is a massive amount of hypocrisy in so called western liberal culture. Eastern methods of arranged marriage are disparaged, Sharia Law is disparaged, prostitution is disparaged, conventional christian heterosexual marriage is disparaged so when one tries to play the westerner at his own game and go to a club for a drink and meet some potential women the same people cry creep. You could try dating apps but in general if you try and play the western game the vast majority use creep shaming to admonish any male who isn't desirable.

    Back in the day 'creep' had connotations of danger and sleaze, but now its applied to any male they dont like; they're not even polite about it.

    just be yourself... stick to soft drinks. relax.
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