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Girlfriend going out with someone else watch

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    Okay so I’ve been in a relationship with her for 2 months now and it’s both our first time and because it’s really difficult to find a time we can be together outside of college and our parents and just things like that make it difficult but there’s this other guy friend she has who was just flirting with her and that’s okay because I do the same with other girls(in moderation obviously) but then when I said to my girlfriend if she wanted to come over to mine because no one would be at home she was like no even though she is free the entire day but when her friend asks to go watch the fireworks when it’s gonna be pitch black at night and her parents normally ‘wouldn’t let her’ with her in a park she says yes.

    The worst part is I’m not even that insecure it’s just she repeatedly says stuff like ‘getting jealous?’ I’m not gonna lie when she keeps saying it hurts

    Why can see go out in the night with a guy friend to watch fireworks (her parents are againist having guy friends even as just friends) but not with me on a different day when she’s completely free but during daylight?

    I don’t feel like I had competition but now it just hurts and makes you wonder ya know
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    You need to talk to her. Have a conversation and tell her how you feel and see what she says. I say this on all posts about relationship issues - you have to communicate. There's no point telling us your feelings here if you won't tell them to the person who needs to hear it most. If you don't tell her this, how will she know how you're feeling? Have a calm conversation with her and tell her what you've told us.

    talk to her

    maybe she's not that keen to have sex?

    maybe she never gets to go to the fireworks and just really wanted to go?
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