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Girlfriend going out with another guy to watch fireworks at night? watch

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    Imagine this is our first ever relationship and it’s 2 months old but her parents are really strict on boys and I genuinely care about her enough to be patient with her

    Now her guy friend she has known for a 5 years flirts with her and other girls but that’s okay because I do the same (in moderation) but what I can’t understand is why it’s possible for her to go out with him but not me

    I mean it’s hard to convince her to come to anything outside of college and inside of college we aren’t the most intimate couple because she says it’s a little bit awkward and too cringe

    So today in front of me (I’m not an insecure guy I mean I think the dude it’s like nothing compared to me he isn’t competition) he asked her out of all our friends circle directly I’d she wanted to go to the park with him to watch the fireworks when it’s late at night. When I asked if she wanted to come to mine she tried so hard to avoid it and was like let’s go out on a double date instead. Why can’t she understand that for even a couple minutes I’d like some time where I’m alone with her but she finds it too awkward

    And how come her parents would be okay for her to go out late at night but not okay with her going during the day.

    The part that made me a little insecure is when she is playfully trying to make jealous and when she says to others that we used to like each but not anymore as a joke

    Watching fireworks just two people is cute and like wow I mean should I be worried? I’m not normally it’s hurts and makes you think

    Lol prepare for the break up 😶 she should spend bonfire with her boo. I'm going with one of my lecturers. :shh: Lol jk.
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