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    Hi guys, I am a first year student nurse and am 3 weeks into my second placement and am loving it.
    However, my issue is relating to people in my class, more so a group of 6 in my class who I was friends with.
    Me and two others in this group are student reps and one day me and one of the student reps had a minor disagreement relating to a rep issue. I decided to forget about how much it had annoyed me after the day at uni but when I got home I recieved a message from someone in my class implying that this student rep didn't feel supported by myself or the other student rep. When I raised this concern to them both,neither of them were happy and I ended up leaving a group chat on whatsapp with the two of them because of it. At the same,I left a friendship group chat with this group as I didn't feel as though I was treated like a member of the group and they seemed to treat each other differently to me.
    I decided to move from the back of the class where they sat to the front of the class with three other friends.
    Once i'd moved, this group became very unkind and accused me of causing trouble and making things awkward. They weren't nice at all.
    And since then, it's been left quite awkward and uncomfortable with me and the group. I let it upset me and affect me more than it should of to the point I didn't even want to go to uni anymore.
    Two girls in the group aren't involved in this issue at all but we don't really speak much now due to the awkwardness between myself and the others.
    I was quite close with the lady who I'd had a disagreement with which is what upset me the most out of the whole situation, going from that to this.
    Aside from that I've had a student try to copy my work whilst I was on first placement and after reporting her to my lecturer, she was unpleasant and approached me accusing me of trying to get her into trouble.
    As you can see it's been quite a tough time at uni.
    Now I'm on my second placement and one of the girls who wasn't involved from that group is on placement with me. She's lovely but I don't want it to feel awkward because of the situation at uni and im worried that it will.
    I wish we could all just clear the air and move on from it but as much as they don't seem bothered about what went on,I feel bothered because there is lasting tension and awkwardness between me and the four others in the group.
    How can I make this better?


    Is your second placement really something to worry about? You are there to focus on your degree and the girl you are with has no problem with you. I don't see why it should create tension between the two of you. Be professional and don't let the personal issues affect your placement.

    In terms of the other four girls, do you want to clear the air with them? You could try to talk to them face-to-face about what happened. However, if they have moved on, isn't it time you moved on too?

    just get on with the course. having a good interpersonal skill set is very important. a good first step is not reporting folks obviously dont allow copying. im sorry it sounds more like a school row than mature future professionals, after you qualify you will probably never see them again.

    Honestly, f*** all of them. You’re there to get your degree so you can fufill your career in nursing.

    You don’t go to university for them. If you can remember the actual reasons for wanting to study this degree, these people were not one of them.

    Don’t waste anymore time with these childish people. If you can request to go into a different group on your degree, then do so. You don’t need all of this unnecessary distractions.

    I also study adult nursing and I’m in my final year of the degree now. I had a lot of issues with people outside of uni rather than in uni, but that did not stop me from averaging a 1st in year 1 and year 2. I don’t even befriend many people on the course, because I don’t want issues. It’s more of just a “hi” and “bye” situation.

    I’m telling you now, Year 2 is very hard and as the years go on, people either drop out or get kicked out.

    Who knows? You may not even see these people as time goes on.

    What you need to focus on is doing well on your placements, exams and essays because that is your main priority. These “friends” will not do the work for you. It’s everyone for themselves here. All this student rep stuff don’t matter. When you become a qualified nurse, you’ll reflect on your journey and success.

    Hey, you may not even keep in touch with uni people after you qualify.

    You have to stay strong and continue with your studies. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals.
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