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My mocks start Monday. I've messed up already. watch

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    So, I'm currently in Year 11 and I'm doing my GCSEs (obviously), and starting from THIS Monday I have my mock exams, which the grades I get from this will determine whether I can get a temporary place into the Sixth form I'm planning to go to when Year 11 is over. However, I haven't revised at all yet and I've been trying to since 12pm today but I just sit there and I have 0 motivation whatsoever, any help? How can I get some motivation? How can I stop procrastinating? Can I begin to revise now and still do 'okay' in my mocks?
    I'm not too worried about my mock exam subjects, only Maths really, as I'm not the biggest Maths lover in the world and I struggle at times. Also, this is the first time I'll be sitting a higher tier paper as I've recently just moved up from the foundation tier, so that's probably why I'm so nervous aswell

    p.s- I'm not the smartest person in the world so for now I'm just aiming for Cs in these mocks.

    I also wouldn't be too bummed out if I got Ds, as I still have months to improve and I haven't even started hardcore revision yet, is this bad? As I said I'm definitely not the smartest in the world and I do struggle at times.

    Go onto your exam boards websites and do the past papers, for the essays just write plans and got through as many as you can! also for english watch some mr Bruff videos on youtube.
    For motivation I always got motivation for watching other motivated people, revision channels are really helpful for that, people like Eve Bennet and Ibz Mo really helped motivate me, good luck!

    First of all chuck the mental negativity, you are going to score high grades and there is no option not to. This is vitally important you believe you can get high grades, because if you think it you're brain will change your behaviour to get you there.

    Next which subjects are your most important and which ones don't matter. Study more for the important ones and don't worry about the others. If you don't need the exam for the career your going to do (except English and Maths they are important right across the board), then don't spend loads of time on them.

    Then you need to work out a time table for each of the important ones and what you need to cover. Are there bits you already know which can just be skimmed over, or bits you are totally stumped by that need lots of attention. Work those out, and make a time table for yourself.

    You're nearest important exam should be your first revision, and then in order of priority and when your taking the mocks.

    If you haven't already, you need to know what type of learner you are and the best way to learn for it.

    Use the 20 - 5 way of study, which equals 20 minutes studying with 5 minutes break and repeat. In the break do something active like dancing, juggling etc as it helps the brain process the information you are studying. It also means you can fit in more study before you burn out. Source Intro to Psychology by Atkinson etc.

    I found carrying a book of cheat sheets worked best for me, so I could study anywhere, you could do the same or use index cards, voice documents, podcasts etc. Don't just study in assigned time, study anytime you aren't doing anything.

    If it's for something like maths then see it around you ever day, what angle is that window, whats the radius of that circle, how much time will it take to go from a to be, how would you show those results in chart etc.

    Get your friends, family to test you, write the stuff on post it and put it round the house. Revise before you sleep as it helps you remember.

    These are only the mocks, so if you try your best you can still get into the exam, or ask to resit later. It's just a lot easier if you sit them first time round. Plus a lot of classes later will only give you 1 year to do a 2 year course, so you really don't have time to get stuff done.

    If your on here, then have videos playing in the back ground so you can listen to it. Everything needs to go into your subconscious to build pathways, just because you don't consciously here doesn't mean the brain isn't registering the information.

    Make a committed decision today to get good grades and don't settle for anything less.
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