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I am currently choosing what A-levels to take. These are my choices so far;

- Maths
- Further Maths
- Physics

I am deciding between Chemistry and Photography. I am very good at the maths/science side of things, so the factor that Chemistry is supposedly a very hard A-level does not bother me.

I already pursue photography as a hobby, and feel like I would enjoy the A-level.

In terms of uni choices, both subjects are irrelevant, as I am either going to be doing an engineering course, physics, or computer science. Am definitely aiming for russell group/oxbridge unis.

Do you think A-level photography would be right for me? How much stress does coursework involve, as none of my GCSE subjects have any?

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Hi, I’m doing Maths, FM, Physics and Chemistry, but I wanted to take Art A Level instead of Chemistry.
In the end, my fate got decided by my school due to timetabling, but I’m still considering dropping Chemistry and self-teaching Art, although that’s probably more of a dream than a reality 😅

If you are considering engineering, I think Chemistry could be more useful of the two, as it is generally more practical at A Level and it’s required for courses like Chemical Engineering

I actually visited some universities this year and asked whether they prefer a 4th STEM subject if you apply for Maths/Physics/Engineering over a completely irrelevant subject, and the ones I visited said they just want the grades and the required subjects. Despite this, it does vary between universities, so it’s something to bare in mind!

If you have a passion for photography, like I do for art, it is something to seriously consider, as it could be a refreshing change to your other subjects, but in the end both have their pros and cons!
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