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    Hi everyone, I am 18 and I am going to have jaw surgery to correct my underbite. I have had my braces on for about 2.5-3 years now and my orthodontist has confirmed that I am definitely having the operation which I have been so impatiently waiting for as I knew I really wanted to have this done since I was 16.
    Now I am of age, I think it is finally happening, my orthodontist has sent the referral to the hospital (YAY!!!!!!!!!) and I am going to have my assessment in February.

    I have now been given elastic bands to wear nearly all the time, for the next few months, to pull out my lower jaw EVEN more which was quite scary. Obviously because that is what I do not want, as we have been trying to do the opposite for the past few years. But, my orthodontist told me that we have to make it as worse as It can get in order for the results to be even better, so at least there is light at the end of the (which seems like a never ending-) tunnel.

    I just wanted to hear or find out more about what happens next? So my assessment (whatever that means) is in February, how long after that will I be booked in for surgery? I am really hoping as soon as possible because this whole experience has been such a long wait but now this referral has happened it feels as though the speed is picking up now and I will finally be able to have this life changing surgery I cannot wait for.

    I have had headaches, I don't know if it is due to my jaw problems. I can't eat apples or any of that sort of food, well biting into anything can be a problem and also embarrassing if I am with people. I feel as though I can never let people view me from the side because that is where you can see my bite is most prominent, because from the front on I feel as though I can try to speak in a certain way which disguises the bite sometimes or just covering my mouth a lot. Not saying that I don't hate the way I look from the front on because I do, I feel as though I can't smile properly or laugh and when I do everyone will see how ugly or weird my bite is. Its just restricting my happiness, I feel so self conscious about it and I hate to sound vain but it really is horrible, not one day where I don't think about it.

    At least soon this will all be done but I wanted to hear some advice and other people experiences so I can maybe compare and know what to expect? from Pre-op, to the procedure, and recovery? I have been seeing people about the numbness, does that disappear, is it only temporary, or is it permanent? and does it affect you?


    I'm having mine for underbite in this coming summer hopefully but from what I know you'll need to see the surgeons and have x-rays done first if you haven't already and from there they'll give you a date that works for you in terms of surgery. I'm doing this via the NHS so I'm not sure if it's any different for you. It also depends on whether your jaw has finished development or whatever but your surgeons will tell you everything. If your teeth are already straight then summer seems reasonable to have it done then you keep the braces on for another 6 months roughly I was told and then you're finished. But all of this varies person to person. Don't stress about any of it, it'll all be over sooner than you know.

    I had surgery to correct my underbite this August. The hospital that I had the surgery at was different to the hospital that I was receiving orthodontist treatment from. All of my pre op appoiments took place in June at the hospital I was having surgery at. In total I had 3 appointments. The first appointment was with a technician who took moulds of my teeth and measurements of my face to see how much my jaw needed to be moved. I also briefly saw the surgeon to ask a few questions about the surgery. The next appointment was the pre op assessment where they asked me health related questions, took x rays of my teeth and blood samples. The last appointment was to see if these plastic things that the technician made fit in my mouth but I wasn't sure what they were for.

    I luckily had my surgery over the summer holidays so I had plenty of time to recover. My orthodontist banded up my mouth for around 3 weeks which meant I was on a liquid diet for 3 weeks. Depending on what you're orthodontist does you could be banded up for a shorter or longer period of time. Even though a liquid diet is not nice, try to eat and drink as much as possible as it will help to speed up your recovery.

    As for numbness, I pretty much had all my feeling back on the right side of my face and right side of my bottom lip straight after surgery however my the left side of my face (lower cheek, chin and bottom lip) were numb. After a few days feeling to my bottom right gums came back. The rest of my gums and roof of mouth were numb. I don't remember when, but I got feeling back in my gums. Currently I would say that the left side is still a little numb as when I press that side gently I can't feel anything however when I pinch that side I can feel a little pain. My orthodontist said that it can take months for the feeling to come back (if it comes back at all). I would not say that the numbness affects me, but I just need to remember to check my chin when I'm drinking as I can't feel if something is trickling down.

    I’m turning 18 this June, and planning to go university, I already had my braces on and everything is fixed but do you think I will have my operation before university? Because I haven’t met my surgeon for the past year and a half

    I am 19 and I will be having an overbite surgery. I've had braces for just over 2 years now. They will be moving my jaw forward. I am really excited about this as well, but I am also kind of scared as this is a huge thing that is happening. I don't really have the answers for your questions, but you should go and talk to your dentist/orthondontist. They will give you all the information you will need. Just ask them the next appointment you have with them.

    (Original post by Mv00)
    I’m turning 18 this June, and planning to go university, I already had my braces on and everything is fixed but do you think I will have my operation before university? Because I haven’t met my surgeon for the past year and a half
    Usually you have the operation during the summer after your first year at university. But I’m sure it differs for some people.
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