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    Sorry for the dramatic title but I needed to grab people's attention. This all seems so silly as I write this but I have nowhere else to turn to.

    I have no friends. I am not some weirdo and I can socialise perfectly well, I get on well with (almost) everyone around me. When I was younger I did struggle immensely with anxiety and as a result, I gravitated towards people who could be described as... socially inept. I feel awful as a write this but after everything they have said and done it seems pretty reasonable.

    These were not people I can say I would have chosen to be with if given an option. A lot of them were immature, and other two-faced and cruel. During one conversation a girl told me "I have decided I am going to bully you" and preceded to do so for over a year. No one else said anything, they just watched and laughed as she slowly belittled me and they even began to join in. Thankfully she has left school now, but some of them still remain.

    I thought this year would be different but it's beginning to get bad again. I turned up at school and suddenly no one is speaking to me. I know why; during the worst phase of the bullying last year I vented to someone I thought was a friend. That was silly of me, she should change her name to Janus! She told the ringleader what I said and now I am a pariah. Two people who I thought I could rely on as we are all family friends are now treating me like dirt. I have lost count of a number of times I have walked into a room to find them talking about me, see them glaring at me, laughing when I speak, rolling their eyes. The list goes on and gets progressively worse but I won't bore you.

    They seem to get annoyed with me for handing in homework (I can't help it if they couldn't be bothered to do it!), answering questions in class, my volunteer work and my good working relationships with teachers. Part of me wonders if it is a jealously thing; they have in the past made comments about my physical appearance. Too thin (I'm normal weight). Jokes about my skin tone (I'm not white).

    They all make me feel so bad about myself. They make me feel ashamed to demonstrate any knowledge on a subject, but when they need help with their homework they are all desperate to speak to me! They make me hate my appearance, but for some reason, a lot of people think I am pretty (no idea why!) They mock my accent, but my family all have pretty strong regional accents and I cannot help how I speak!

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It would be great to receive some advice.

    Don't worry about it, you may think status if everything now but it all disappears in year 11/12, keep focusing on your exams and achieve the best grades, when you're walking out with As and A*s and a lifetime of opportunities they're left with nothing.
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