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some guy (mid twenties) was staring at me and im only a teenager. wtf? watch

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    i was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. there is a letting agency in front of the bus stop, so while i was waiting for my bus to come, i saw this guy inside the shop/building through the glass window. there was no one else in the room with him - the other staff were not there. he was just by himself. he walked over to his table from the back of the room and sat down and while he did that he made eye contact with me as if he had just noticed me outside the shop. i looked away bcos it was rlly awkward. then he was typing away at his computer and when he had finished his work he sat in the chair and stared. like full on stared at me. even if i caught him staring, he wouldnt stop so i looked away and tried not to look in his direction. he did this a few more times : do his computer work and take a break and just stare at me . i wasnt even wearing revealing clothes or anything. he definitley did not know me nor do I know him and also, it wasn't a stare that you would give someone if you knew them but didnt know there name. it was a stare almost like he wanted us to make eye contact, like he wanted to be caught staring. and he didn't smile or anything. i was fully covered and im not that amazing lookswise, tbh. i just look like an average teenager. why was he looking so much?

    Just a weirdo. Or maybe he was zoned out, thinking about something else and didn't realize he was staring for too long, happens sometimes
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    My guess would be an inappropriate stare. Best to just forget about it.
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    Why does it matter? Some people don't have good manners and just stare at strangers. But you're unlikely to ever see this person again, just let it pass.
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