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Feeling isolated because of potential aspergers in University watch

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    I recently found out that I may have potential aspergers and it's made me feel very isolated when trying to make friends on my course. I worry that people won't understand me or relate me about how I handle social situations like me finding it really hard to make conversation with people and not understanding humor. I don't feel like I can relate to anyone at University.

    I have been wanting to maybe ask people if they wanted to go for a drink or maybe go for a coffee and everytime I go and message them or ask them I feel like won't understand me so I bottle out as they say and it's making me feel very isolated and increasing my GAD

    any advice?
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    Something that you must try to repeat to yourself is that you have not been changed as a person due to this "potential aspergers". You don't even know if you have it for sure and I'm guessing from your post that you socialised fine when you didnt know about it, even though you may have had aspergers all your life. It isn't something that you should label yourself with. By making an effort to socialise and trying (even if you fail it is still progress) to overcome your social fears, you will become better and better at socialising, aspergers or no aspergers. You need to focus on winning this battle in your mind by making an effort to socialise, do things that will make you happier in general (e.g. exercise and eat healthy if you don't already). You will find that your fears eventually dissipate as I did. You certainly are not the first to have this worry and you won't be the last. I hope you can find the right mindset to pull yourself out of this because if you do, there is no doubt that you will be able to socialise virtually the same as anyone else (perhaps with some extra effort) and be a happier, more fulfilled person in general. Don't second guess yourself and don't be afraid to be you. Even if you do have aspergers, you must be very high-functioning because otherwise it would have been detected much earlier in your life. If you can't do some of the things I suggested yet because they seem too daunting/hard, turn those things into goals and start with easier tasks that you can accomplish. You will find yourself slaying all of your mental demons with time.
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