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Train guard threatened to call police on me watch

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    I was returning home today, a journey just below 10 hours so just by that you know it's not possible for me to secretly use my ticket more than once.

    The ticket didn't work on the barrier so I presented it to a guard on the other side, who never noticed about the barrier problem. The guard wanted a closer look and took the ticket, then said he'll have to confiscate my ticket and if I come back he'll call the police. He didn't bother asking any questions, just treated me like I commited fraud.

    I asked what's he's on about, he stated this ticket is for one time use only, I said this is my one time use only. He gave my ticket back and dismissed me. I thought about it half a minute, asked for his name saying I'm going to be making a complaint. I didn't raise my voice. He said oh go away, I asked him to open the barrier so I can go make a complaint. He refused, directed me to ask someone else.

    I asked another guard, got through, spoke to the info helpdesk, filled in a complaints form and explained how rude that guard was and how he treated me like a criminal and tried to prevent me from making a complaint. The guy by the info helpdesk told me to post it, I asked him if I can give it to him because that's what it says on the form. He took it, also said he thinks the issue is someone wrote "4/11" on my ticket. I said the guard on the train wrote that, he said he's suppose to stamp my ticket not write on it. I don't mind if the ticket barrier guard asked me to explain about the writing, but he never asked and just treated me like a criminal.

    Then, from a far away distance, I took a picture of that guard by the ticket barrier just in case I wanted some method to identify him and escalate this matter if my complaint is ignored or not treated seriously. He came at me shouting that's it I'm calling the police, looking like he'd attack me if his colleagues weren't there. This is a big black man, overweight, towering over me by a lot and his anger was barely in check.

    He stormed off after the guy in the info helpdesk tried to calm him down, perhaps to call the police. I asked the info helpdesk guy what I should do, offering to stay and talk to the police. He told me to go so I did, and also spoke to other train guards to explain if the police does come I left because I was told to leave, and reiterated what just happened.

    I'm thinking of re-filling my form, online this time just in case he goes back to the info helpdesk and tears apart my complaint form.

    I don't think I've done anything wrong by taking his photo, in a public place, because I need some way to ID him after he refused to give his name. Should I write to my MP or something in case this complaint gets ignored? Or just go to a small claims court? It's not about compensation, I want that guy sacked or disciplined for the way he acted. He has the right to question me if he feels the ticket doesn't look right for whatever reason, but not to treat me like a criminal.

    Write to your MP? 😂

    The small claims court is for recovering monies owed.

    You encountered one ********, it happens. Just forget about it.

    Are you joking? The guy made a mistake and if you had reused the ticket it would have been a cirminal matter so treating you that way was hardly inappropriate. You shouldn't take pictures of strangers. Move on and forget it, no one is going to take it seriously.
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    Are you kidding me? He didn't just make a mistake, he had a serious anger management problem and didn't let me explain anything. He just assumed I re-used my ticket, no questions asked, and he also tried to stop me from making a complaint.How hard can it be to ask me just one simple question and then check CCTV or radio the guard on the train I was on to verify what I'm saying? Or can hard can it be to do basic maths and calculate my journey time to see it's physically impossible to re-use my ticket?Should I upload his face to youtube and shame him? This lunatic would have murdered me if there are no witnesses or CCTV in the station. I was in a public place so there's nothing wrong taking his photo, and I did it far away from him.
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