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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with writing a supporting statement for a Trust emergency medicine post. Here is what I wrote:
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During my houseman internship after graduating medical school I have worked in an emergency department in different settings including the 4 major branches; medicine, paediatrics, surgery and obs/Gyn. Throughout that time I have managed to learn to work in team setting and coordinate different specialty needs. An anecdotal example was during one 24 duty placement in which a fuel truck went into flames and caused burn victims to rush into A/E. Even though the number of patients was overwhelming we worked as a team by setting goals before the patients arrived to the hospital; pain medications were pre-ordered for availability, junior doctors and volunteering medical students were in standby to make sure IV access and fluids were running and recorded for every patient, surgical team informed and ready to perform needed dressings, tracheostomy and fasciotomy, a designated CPR team ready. As a junior doctor I had the opportunity to lead cardiac arrests, perform intubations and speak to family members.

Working for the NHS in the past year was a great opportunity to learn new skills, enhance my communication skills, and work in collaboration with new teams such as speech therapists, occupational team and physiotherapists. In all my posts in Hull Royal Infirmary I was involved in MDT meetings and best interest meetings. I have made it my strict objective to maintain up-to-date documentation following local information governance policies. My daily job included updating patients discharge letters, reviewing patients in ward rounds, admitting new patients to the ward, MDTs, night cover and in some instances perform procedures. In addition I was able to balance workload effectively to manage my own time hence include departmental teaching and CMT teaching.

Since my early years in school I was attracted to biology which was natural ascension to physiology and finally medicine in medical school. I believe this love has manifested in my grades were I had an A in medicine and passed written Part 1 and 2 of the MRCP and hopefully will pass the PACES in the next diet. Although my ultimate goal is to train to become a cardiologist, I believe that experience in emergency medicine is vital to develop a competent doctor. As mentioned in my application I have had experience in emergency medicine in Sudan which to all accounts was very useful. I want to enhance my skills further more by working in NNUH and become a valuable member of the team. Furthermore, I am looking forward to apply to Core medical training in Norwich and working in emergency department is a good opportunity for significant exposure to the population and system.

Thank you
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(Original post by b44b6)
I'm moving this to a more relevant forum for you. Do you have a tutor or mentor who can help as they may know the system and what is required better than people on the internet especially a primarily student site.

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