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The Long Road to Amazing AS Grades (GYG) watch

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    (Original post by Sonechka)
    Wow, I'd probably collapse if I had it every day :eek: I only have one day without it, but I appreciate that day since I get considerably less homework on it :lol: I personally really dislike vocab tests; I hate learning (relatively advanced) French through English translations and find that if I learn a bunch of words for the sake of learning them, with no context, I'll just forget them almost immediately. I never revise for them for that reason! Everyone learns differently though thanks ^_^
    I try to learn words that relate to what we're doing (so education at the moment.) I also highlight a word whenever I don't know it and write it down, so I learn those as well for the vocab test, which I find useful
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    Weekend Recap

    Overall I've had a pretty productive weekend. I've done all I needed to do really, and I have done some extra work. But more importantly, I've taken the time to relax a bit, and re-charge my batteries for the next few weeks, which to me is just as essential as doing lots of extra work

    History - I did a source essay plan for a source on opposition, which I think went alright. I find the source plans easier to do, but then I do better on the proper essay questions strangely. I also went over some key words, and I've decided that at the end of each week I'll put the new ones into quizlet.
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    French - I did some grammar on cet,cette etc as I didn't actually know that before we looked at it on Friday. I also did my quizlet because I have those highscores on the games to keep up haha. I also learnt some new words.
    What I do with French is whenever I come across a new word, I write it down in my little vocab book, and then learn it. It's proving really good for expanding my vocab.

    Law - I did my notes on Civil Courts and Appeals as we'd looked at that over the week, but I didn't get time to do my notes as it was more important to revise for the Law test. I also went over some flashcards, as we have a mock exam in a few weeks, and I find little and often is the best

    I also got in some much needed flute practice this weekend, as I haven't been over my scales in ages! I find so little time to do it now which is a shame
    I also finished my book, which was Looking for Alaska by John Green which I would highly recommend!
    I also spent last night watching the Remembrance Show.
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    Also sorry for the horrific quality on the photos but it's at night in my room so the lighting isn't amazing
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    14th November
    Just a short post today as I have really done much. I've had so much homework, which means it's hard to get extra work done.
    In terms of the stuff outside of work, I had the first meeting about my India trip which is really exciting I am looking forward to all the curry!
    I've also started my leadership qualification with Brownies now, so I'll be a fully-qualified adult leader when I've done that.
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