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The C of E is a religion in decline. A declining overall membership. A declining active membership. A declining regular or semi-regular church attendance figure. A declining relevance as an influential force in public life or something that should appear on TV screens of main channels.

It's debatable whether or not Christianity is declining in Britain but what is difficult to deny is that Christianity is metamorphosising. As each year goes by it increasingly becomes a religion practised by immigrants and ethnics rather than the indigenous white British population. Many black churches, Asian churches, and Chinese churches are thriving whilst C of E and some other Protestant churches sit almost empty on Sunday mornings. Mass immigration from eastern Europe has resulted in Catholic churches becoming packed out on Sunday mornings, and there are now new Orthodox churches springing up to cater for recent immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania.

The age profile tells a lot. The majority of ethnic and immigrant Christians who attend church are in the children to middle age age bracket whereas the majority of indigenous white British people who attend church are past retirement age.

Has the C of E had its days so should just be left to whither away and die, or should efforts be made to revive and resurrect it as a popular institution? Is it even worth saving or can it be successfully replaced by a collection of independent Lutheran and Nonconformist churches for Protestant Christians similar to that in the US for those who are still members of it?

Is a revival of the C of E only possible if it adopts an “Onwards Christian Soldiers” mentality where it sees itself as less of a spiritual entity but more of a political soldier and a counterforce to the sweeping 'Islamification' of Britain? Sermons filled with fire and brimstone about the evils of Islam taking hold in our (once) green and pleasant land because they attract big audiences.

If the C of E was disestablished tomorrow then how many people will notice that something has changed and how many who have noticed something will really care about it or see it as detrimental to their lives?

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